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Security10th October 2012

Garage Door Security

So it looks a bit aged and it’s not that easy to open but it doesn’t really matter, it’s only a garage door. It’s only the item that protects all the household products that you store in a garage. Or the thing that protects your second largest purchase, your much-needed motor car. Or, if your garage is integral to your house, the object that stands between would be burglars having the opportunity to work in private to gain access to your entire home. So, actually, perhaps it does matter, maybe you should pay some attention to that old garage door, maybe you should take garage door security seriously!!


Sadly, it may not matter how many additional locks you fit, you may not increase the garage door security if the construction of the door panel is flimsy, it will simply peel back – for the experienced housebreaker it will be as simple as skinning a banana. Older type garage doors have fragile latching catches that can be flipped from the outside within seconds. Even a solid door with substantial locks and catching points will only be as resistant to intrusion as the fixing sub frame that it is fixed to.
Bad door panel construction also makes breaking in far too easy - use of too many rivets rather than welding, C channel section as the frame perimeter or simply using cheaper steel can all make the cheap garage door very easy to get past

So what are the options for garage door security? How can you achieve a secure garage door. In all honesty probably the purchase of a new garage door is the only total solution. So it is vitally important to choose wisely. Carefully peruse the options, check out the potential weaknesses and drawbacks of new garage doors as well as being impressed with the positive points.

So what should you look for if garage door security is a major issue?

Hormann 4 point locking securityFirstly the door type – it is a fact that most up and over doors will be more vulnerable than a sectional door or an insulated roller shutter. So if you do have to opt for an up and over door, make sure that it is fitted with multi locking points or go straight for the new 'Guardian' range of 'secured by design' steel garage door from Garador.

Pay particular attention to the installation – if a garage door is incorrectly specified or fitted leaving perimeter gaps then it will susceptible to jemmying. If you decide to have an electric operator fitted (that will increase the security element) then do consider having a delatch security device fitted. When an electric operator is fitted the garage door only locks on the operator – the door is not locked on the locking catches fitted to the door. A delatch kit will engage the locking catches on the garage door as well providing a further level of security.

A good quality sectional garage door fitted behind the opening is probably the option that will provide the most security. When in the closed position there are no gaps to aid forced entry. The panels have rollers and brackets fitted in all four corners. Panel thickness of up to 45mm will resist ram-raiding. Again electric operation will provide additional security as the operator pushes and holds the panels to the ground when in the closed position and of course if an operator is present the need for outside handles is diminished (providing there is other pedestrian access).

roller shutter locking Roller shutter garage doors fitted behind the structural opening also offer a good degree of security because of the lack of attack points. Generally, insulated roller shutter garage doors have several hanging straps holding the curtain and some have have two bolts that engage in steel teeth on the end plates of the roller shutter. This produces a very secure locking device that is resistant to prising. A particularly impressive product recently launched in the UK is the Seceuroglide Excel. This is one of the only remote controlled garage doors on the market that has been certificated by the LPCB to level.

latch mechanism for garage door operator from hormannRemote Control Electric Operators
For total peace of mind make sure you select an electric garage door operator with extra locking facilities over and above the most basic system which only holds the door panel at one point sat the top of the door. De latch locking utilising the doors manual locking is the most common accessory. Hormann garage door operators have a very clever patented secondary steel latch built into the towing arm system to ensure locking is available even during a power cut and after disengaging the towing mechanism.

Digital keypad entry systemElectric Operators - Access Control for Garage Door Security 
When selecting an automatic operator consider the access control systems you wish to use. Obviously the most common method is a hand held remote control transmitters. Remember to keep them safe at all times – if you have one positioned on you garage wall, ensure that it is fixed adequately or remove it when you have strangers in your garage – mobile mechanics, casual workers etc. Apply the same rules as you do with car keys - do not leave the handsets in view of windows.  A remote control finding it’s way into the wrong person’s hand is most undesirable! The biggest single benefit with this radio-controlled form of access is that you do not have to leave your vehicle nor open any window or door until you are safely in the garage with the garage door closed. If you do lose a handset ensure that the replacement handset is coded to a new code on the actual operator eliminating the use of the stolen /lost handset – and do remember to transfer the new code to any other existing handsets.

Finger scanner entry system for garage doorsYou may consider a digital key pad where your own unique code has to be entered to activate the electric opener. The down side of this is the need to open a window or leave your vehicle to enter your code. These systems are either radio controlled or hard wired.

A further option and a relatively new concept is a swipe card. A reader is positioned on the outside of the garage or surrounding area that you simply swipe your card to operate the opening and closing of the garage door.



The most sophisticated and indisputably the most secure is the fingerprint recognition system. The unit memorises your finger/thumb print - when you place your finger/thumb on the reader the unit will recognise the print and activate the electric op0erator. The positioning of the unit needs to be in a reasonably close proximity of the garage door. A hard-wired unit, this system is quite expensive compared to radio controlled systems but the benefit for garage door security is blatantly obvious – no one can steal a finger print!


For full details on all aspects of garage door security why not telephone or Email and get advice from our very experienced sales staff for the best option for you.


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