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Teckentrup GSW 40-L Solid Ribbed Square Windows


Door Type:
Side Hinged Doors

Enhanced with 4 small square windows Teckentrup's vertical, solid ribs makes for a modern design that complements many properties whilst allowing natural light to enter your garage. 

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Teckentrup side hinged and personnel doors are quite simply the very best. The solid panels, engineered frames and high grade fittings result in a door that closes with a reassuringly deep “clunk”.

Security is excellent and the range of styles, finishes and windows allows personalisation to suit your tastes. 

Doors are built with 40mm thick interlocking panels that insulate and reduce sound transmission. The mitred door leaf frame and door frame are finished in a matching smooth finish for white, Trend and RAL coloured doors and a complimentary flat colour for Golden Oak (RAL8003), Rosewood (RAL8016) and Dark Oak (RAL8014) wood grain effect finishes.

The inside of the door is very presentable. There are no unsightly bracings just a wipe clean surface finished in a practical grey white stucco texture (RAL 9002).

High quality hinges

Aluminium hinges with secured hinge bolts make it extremely difficult to lever open the door and are easily adjusted. 2 or 3 hinges are fitted to each leaf dependent on size.

Door stays

Protecting your door from slam closure on windy days, these top grade, spring dampened stays hold the door securely in the open position. A simple de-latch motion releases the held door leaf.

Double weather strips & mitred corners

In addition to the circumferential weather strip around the door leaf, the door frame has a three-sided weather strip for excellent draught reduction. Profiles are mitre jointed for a neat finish.

Lipped Threshold

For an improved weather protection a stepped aluminium threshold with a bulb weather strip is available as an optional extra. The door leaves close against the raised weather strip creating an improved barrier to dust and debris. The threshold includes a thermal break reducing heat transfer.

Standard Threshold

The aluminium profile supplied as standard provides a simple low profile threshold.

Flush bolt security

The inactive leaf is secured with flush bolts to the top and bottom of the leaf. The picture also shows the rot proof floor weather strip.

Stainless steel handles & Security Locking

High grade stainless steel handles and lock covers are tough and attractive, whilst the latch and dead bolt combination provides dependable security. If you have a specific hardware requirement, talk to us as alternative designs can often be accommodated.

Triple Point Locking Option

The active leaf is available with three point locking for greatly enhanced security. The locks link the active and inactive door leaves together to combat attempts to force them apart.

 Trend colours are selected shades that have generally come to be considered as the most popular colours for garage doors. The colours are held as coated steel from which door panels are made to order. If the colour you require is not available as a Trend colour, we are able to coat our standard panels to a RAL colour. For doors coloured in this way, doors are made and cut to size from white panels and then sprayed to the required colour.


Quartz Grey

Grey Aluminium

White Aluminium

Sepia Brown

Window Grey

Light Grey


Fir Green

Moss Green

Flame Red

Steel Blue

Jet Black

Cream White


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