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Woodrite Buckingham Bierton


Door Type:
Up and Over Doors
Prices from:
£ 1860

A part of Woodrite's Buckingham Bierton range, consisting of cedarwood garage doors, the Bierton offers beautiful glazing panels to allow vision and the flow of natural light.

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The Woodrite Bierton model is a part of the Buckingham range, from Woodrite's Coach House selection. The Coach House range of timber garage doors represents the finest of its kind hand-built in cedar and finished to exacting standards.

The Buckingham range features doors that are panel-built with selected cedar mouldings, cedar tongue and groove boards and fielded cedar panels, dependant on styles. Doors in the Buckingham range are available with Masta-Gear or Super-Chassis lifting Gear.

With a little care and maintenance, timber garage doors last a long time and are very forgiving of minor knocks and bumps. Each fully furnished door is protected by a special base-treatment of UV resistant finishing coats for lasting good looks.

How Will My Door Operate?
All Coach House range timber up and over garage doors are supplied on retractable opening gear as standard. This is due to the fact that a retractable operating gear is ultra-reliable and perfect for automation. It also provides light and easy spring assistance when operating manually. The door is fully inside of the garage when retracted.
A canopy opening gear is available as an option on single doors upto 8’0” wide and 7’0” high. When using a canopy gear, the door slides up on spring assisted arms running in tracks fitted to the back of the frame legs and forms a “canopy” that projects out from the front of the garage.

What Will My Door Size Look Like?
Double door designs over 10’6” are created with the appearance of two single doors side by side to ensure accurate proportions are maintained. Doors up to 10’6” wide use repeated features or wider proportions for each feature to achieve an attractive and balanced design.

Handles & Locks
Each door is supplied with a black handle and a key operated lock as standard. The key operated lock is used to activate the multi-point latch locking system. For doors that are to be operated by motor, lock deletion can be specified at the time of order – locks can always be fitted at a later date but cannot be removed! Handle finishes are available in Black, Brass Effect and Chrome Effect.

All doors are available with the option of a frame. Frames are constructed using galvanized steel and finish in brown, white or black.

Doors upto 8’0” wide by 7’6” high (2438mm x 2286mm) are supplied with the frame pre-fitted to the door. Doors over this width or height are supplied with the frame as a knockdown kit for assembly on site.

For full sizing details on frames and all doors, call us on 0800 525 442
All doors can of course be fitted to a good quality timber goal post type frame. We recommend a minimum of 70mm x 70mm section to provide adequate fixing for the doors operating gear.

Woodrite Doors are guaranteed against any form of manufacturing defect or mechanical failure for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase.
The exterior factory fully finished panel is guaranteed to provide a weatherproof membrane which will resist perforation of the substrate from the weather side due to corrosion for a period of up to 5 years - this is dependent on location, position of door and provided door has been maintained in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.


Each door is available with a base-treatment that you will need to stain in a colour of your choice, or a choice to be fully factory finished in one of the classic shades. Woodrite use the TEKNOS wood finish system and recommends this for on site finishing.

The finish provides a low gloss surface that can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and water. Re-staining is recommended at least every three years, but keep an eye on the finish as south facing doors in strong sunlight may require more regular care. Love your wood!

Light Oak - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door

Light Oak

Antique Oak - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door

Antique Oak

Chesnut - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door


Mahogany - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door


Walnut- Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door


Burnt Oak- Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door

Burnt Oak

Teak- Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door


Pale Oak- Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door

Pale Oak

Silver - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door


Silver Grey - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door

Silver Grey

Ice Silver - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door

Ice Silver

Slate Grey - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door

Slate Grey

RAL Colours Available - Woodrite Cedar Timber Up and Over Garage Door

Please note that these on-screen colour examples are not 100% true to life. Please see our samples and showroom doors for more accurate colour examples.

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