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Hormann ALR F42

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Bespoke Doors

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Hormann Aluminium Facade Sectional Garage Door

This is a sectional door offering the ability to create the most demanding of designs by using a commercial based gearing system with a lightweight yet strong aluminium framework of panels to which almost any material can be fixed to creating a very exclusive range of designs and effects.

The door panels can be clad in timber, metal, ceramic, plastic and many other materials according to the surrounding building up to a maximum thickness of 46mm.
Each door must be carefully planned and specified according to the weight of the materials being used with careful attention also paid to the height as the cladding must be applied with minimum gaps to allow the door to open correctly. Contact us for advise.

The entire door is based on the Hormann ALR40 door used extensively on industrial and commercial buildings with high useage capability and long term reliability guaranteed.

The door is always made to order on the width and height and has options on the gearing depending where the door is to be installed in the opening. 

This door can be manually operated but is usually specified as electric operation to avoid handles externally and because the doors are normally heavier than the average door.

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