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Hormann ThermoCarbon Style 680 Entrance Door


Door Type:
Entrance Doors
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£ 4876

The modern, thermal insulated glazing of the 680 of the ThermoCarbon range offers a stylish and energy-saving entrance for your home.

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The ThermoCarbon Doors have 100mm thick standard, triple or quadruple thermal insulated glazing and triple sealing. The 8mm thick laminated safety glass provides maximum security against burgulars.

Not only do these doors provide you with excellent thermal insulation they also set new standards for security:

All doors are equipped with multi point locking as standard.

The tamper-proof cylinder, certified in accordance with DIN 18252, features premium fittings: an anti-picking system, drill protection, and an emergency and hazard function. This means that the door lock can still be operated when a key is inserted on the inside.

The ThermoCarbon Entrance Doors have concealed hinges between the door frame and leaf, i.e. they are not visible from outside or inside.

The ThermoCarbon Entrance Doors have an elegant stainless steel interior lever handle.

• Glazing cut-out: approx. 248 × 1450
• Quadruple thermal insulation glass, ornamental glass

Glass structure (from exterior to interior):
–– Exterior pane 8 mm, clear laminated safety glass
–– Intermediate pane 4 mm, Pave white
–– Intermediate pane 4 mm, clear float
–– Interior pane 10 mm, clear laminated safety glass P5A (RC 3 glass).

UD‑value for size 1230 × 2180 mm: approx. 0.57 W/ (m²·K).

HOE 700 handle.

Choice of 11 preferred colours

The ThermoCarbon Entrance Doors are supplied in Traffic White (as standard). If you want your entrance door to match the colour of your window frames or to match the colour of your garage door then you can order RAL to Choose.

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