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Ryterna Side Hinged

Ryterna Side Hinged Garage Doors

Ryterna side hinged doors are the perfect solution if you want a modern, stylish door, or if you require a replacement of your old garage door, but intend to maintain its style. 

These modern doors come with a number of additional options, making them suitable for even the most demanding of spaces.

The frame, door leaves and window frames can be finished in different colours, along with the various design and colour panels that can be fitted with the same door. The overall design of the door can also be styled in various ways, with both horizontal and vertical layouts available. The door split is available as 50/50 or in any other reasonable proportion. 'Traditional’ design doors meet conservation area requirements.

The doors are made to measure up to 3 metres wide and 2.5 meters high, and are insulated, robust and compatible with most garage door openers.

All designs, colours and panel models are available (more about panel design on Sectional Garage Doors). You can choose options like windows, glazed panels, stainless metal appliqués, or even pet-flaps.

The door can be left or right handing, and custom split. The handle standard colours are black, white and aluminium, however as an additional option, a handle can be colour finished.

The doors are available in almost any RAL colour and 4 wood image colours, along with a great variety of stainless steel or plastic windows, as well as personalised appliques, opening up unlimited horizons for creativity.

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Ryterna Side Hinged door, square and rectangular windows, 50/50 split Ryterna White Side Hinged door, cassette panels 1/3 split
Ryterna White Side Hinged Garage Door, port hole windows, 50/50 split Ryterna Ribbed Side Hinged Garage Door 50/50 split



  • Insulated Side Hinged Doors

  • Made to measure sizes up to 10 ft wide and 8 ft high

  • All RAL colours available including metallic finish

  • Custom door split and handle side

  • Three threshold options

  • Standard or individual stainless steel appliques

  • Large variety of windows and glazing options

  • Espagnolette lock

  • Robust frame with fixing bolts

Side hinged garage doors details


Designing your Side Hinged Door.

1 .Choose your Panel Option

Flush Panel - Ryterna Side Hinged


Toprib panel design- Ryterna Side Hinged


Midrib - Ryterna Side Hinged


Rib - Ryterna Side Hinged


Macrorib - Ryterna Side Hinged garage doors


Microrib panel design - Ryterna Side Hinged garage doors


Cassette panel design - Ryterna Side Hinged garage doors



2. Select a Surface Option

Woodgrain surface grain - Ryterna Side Hinged


Stucco surface option - Ryterna Side Hinged


Smooth surface - Ryterna Side Hinged garage door



3. Choose from either a Standard Colour

RAL 9016 - White - Ryterna Side Hinged

RAL 9016

RAL 9006 - Ryterna Side Hinged

RAL 9006

RAL 9004 - Ryterna Side Hinged

RAL 9004

RAL 7016 - Ryterna Side Hinged

RAL 7016

Other painted RAL colours and RAL pearl colours available on request.

3.1 Or one of the Ryterna Patterns

Light Oak - Ryterna Side Hinged

Light Oak

Golden Oak - Ryterna Side Hinged

Golden Oak

Old Oak - Ryterna Side Hinged

Old Oak

Dark Oak - Ryterna Side Hinged

Dark Oak

Mahogany - Ryterna Side Hinged


Okoume Natural - Ryterna Side Hinged

Okoume Natural

Winchester - Ryterna Side Hinged


Anthracite - Ryterna Side Hinged


Stainless Steel - Ryterna Side Hinged

Stainless Steel

Copper - Ryterna Side Hinged


3D White - Ryterna Side Hinged

3D White

3D Grey - Ryterna Side Hinged

3D Grey

Ryterna Insulated Side-Hinged Garage Door








Download Ryterna PDFDownload Technical info PDF

Why not add windows!

Stainless Steel Windows

Square stainless steel Ryterna Windows for side hinged garage door


Mini 154 x 154 mm

Midi 234 x 234 mm

Maxi 314 x 314 mm

Ryterna stainless steel Porthole Windows, three sizes


Mini ø 150 mm

Midi ø 230 mm

Maxi ø 310 mm

White or Black Plastic Ryterna Windows

White Or Black Plastic

488 x 322 mm

Rectangular Stainless Steel Ryterna Window

Long Rectangular Stainless Steel

Plastic Window decor

Cross plastic Ryterna window for side hinged garage door


Sunrise Ryterna window for side hinged garage door

Sunrise (3 or 4 Panel)

Double Glazing Aluminium Panel

Can be painted any colour (can be different from door colour).  Scratch-proof double glazing can be clear, matt, “frosted” or tinted. “Cross” decoration available – same as panel colour. 

Ryterna Glazing Options: clear, opaque, obsecure, tinted


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