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Timber Side Hinged

Side Hinged Cedar DoorsApart from completely bespoke timber side hinged doors, The Garage Door Centre supplies, distributes, and installs timber side hinged doors from three main manufacturers: Woodrite, Garador and Cedar Garage Doors. We also offer a bespoke service to supply side hinged doors in more exotic timber species if required. Idigbo is the preferred timber to compliment the use of oak on any property and, although we can provide oak garage doors, they are not recommended in most cases due to their weight, costs and instability in larger sections. Our emphasis is on high quality doors with traditonal construction for a long lasting solution to your requirements. Cheap, poorly constructed side hinged doors are likely to cause problems very quickly. 

The traditional build manufacturers have a large range of standard cedarwood garage doors available up to 9 feet wide and 8 feet high as standard, however larger sizes can be discussed on a one off basis. This mainly depends on the design, and therefore the weight, of the finished construction.

Traditionally constructed with solid cedar stiles and rails, with panels of either plywood or solid cedar, all joints are morticed and tenoned, glued and wedged, which is the strongest joint method in timber garage door construction.

Once the garage door is built, a base coat preservative woodstain is applied. This is carried out by either spraying the door both sides or immersing the whole door panel into a tank. Fully finished colours are now offered from a wide range of Sikkens microporous woodstain systems, ensuring total protection from the day of installation, with minimal ongoing maintenance. The Woodrite doors are treated using the Teknos wood finish system, and further Mortice and tenon jointingrecommends using their system for any on-site finishing. Woodrite also treat every timber section BEFORE assembly, meaning they are as best protected from weathering as possible. 

Many people find side hinged doors extremely beneficial, especially if the garage is frequently used by means of pedestrian access; on-foot access is always easy as the door does not need to be fully opened, unlike other types of garage doors. 

Yale type locking on side hingd door panel

Although security is of a good level as standard, you can upgrade your door to whatever level you require, with an almost infinite number of locking arrangements inside and out, preventing forced entries and the lock-cylinder overriding. 

There are various styles of hinges available, as well as sliding bolts for the inside, the door stays to hold the door panel open, foot bolts, Yale locks, and even electric or mechanical coded keypads for the electric operated versions. 

As well as the obvious 50/50 split for the majority of door designs, you can also have a 1/3rd or 2/3rd door panel split, which is especially advised if the garage door opening is quite wide. This offers you a smaller pedestrian sized door for easy access, with the large door leaf secured unless it is required to open for full width access.

The Garador range of timber side hinged doors are quite different in that the cedar boarding is affixed to a strong steel box section chassis system. These are also available with a box section galvanised steel fixing sub frame, and when delivered, all the hinges, locks and weatherstrips are all factory pre-fitted. This type of door construction does make for a far easier installation on-site, and provides excellent sealing as rubber weatherseals are built into the steel sub frame at the top and sides. Standard and purpose made sizes are available, and automation is possible using various standard boom type operators with the swing door conversion kit.


A selection of Timber Side Hinged garage doors


Burnham Woodrite

Burnham Woodrite

Bierton Woodrite

Bierton Woodrite

Coleshill Woodrite

Coleshill Woodrite

Gawcott Woodrite

Gawcott Woodrite

Washford Woodrite

Washford Woodrite

Adstock Woodrite

Adstock Woodrite

Chalfont woodrite

Chalfont Woodrite


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Ashbourne Cedar

Ashbourne Cedar Doors

Bakewell Cedar

Bakewell Cedar Doors

Hardwick Cedar

Hardwick Cedar Doors

Buxton Cedar

Buxton Cedar Doors

Chatsworth Cedar

Chatsworth Cedar Doors

Edale Cedar

Edale Cedar Doors

Belper Cedar

Belper Cedar Doors


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Horizontal Cedar

Horizontal Cedar Garador

Kingsbury Cedar

Kingsbury Garador

Vertical Cedar

Vertical Cedar Garador

Seymour Cedar

Seymour Garador

Chevron Cedar

Chevron Cedar Garador 

Ashton Cedar

Ashton Garador

Ashton Chevron Cedar

Ashton Chevron Garador


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