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Electric Aluminium Sliding Gates

Electric Aluminium Sliding Gates

Electric Aluminium Sliding Gates





Electric Operation:



Electric Sliding Aluminium Entrance Gate - Premium Build

Prices Range:

£10,000 - £14,000

Double width aluminium electric sliding gate with a premium build specification.

A normal double width entrance gate width for a UK domestic property is between about 3.6m and 4.5m as we have found in over 38 years of supplying entrance gates. The height required is also around 1.8m - 2m for most people, to offer privacy and security from would be intruders.

When we refer to a Premium build we mean aluminium gates manufactured in the UK from start to finish and not simply components brought in from other countries to be assembled and screwed together here. Our gates are either welded or bonded in the manufacturing process for the best final finish and overall integrity. They are made to measure and almost any design can be achieved along with almost any colour finish too, including high quality woodgrain finishes.

Most finishes are between a 10 - 15 years warranty depending on location to coastline.

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Electric Sliding Entrance Gate in Aluminium in a Popular UK Design

Electric Sliding Entrance Gate in Aluminium in a Popular UK Design

Aluminium is now the preferred material of choice for so many customers, but the construction and design are still very important to get right, with so many budget aluminium gates currently on the market in the UK. Many come from France, Spain and Portugal where the gates are generally a lot smaller, so when simply scaled up for the UK market, it doesn’t really work.

Proper cleaning and preparation of the aluminium before powdercoating, followed by exact manufacturing processes to join all the components together, with strength in all the right places to take the stresses of automation, is essential.

A properly specified and built aluminium gate could turn even the biggest timber joinery fan to consider not using timber. The modern aluminium gate can be made to almost any design you want, even incorporating design elements such as glazing.


Expect to pay between £10,000 and £15,000 for the complete and professional installation of the aluminium gate, support posts, electric automation equipment with access controls and most importantly, the required safety detection systems for total compliance in the UK with basic regulations and law. This isn’t an option, we do not install remote control automatic gates in domestic or commercial applications without safety detection systems, they would not be legal in the UK.

Prices Include:

* Professional consultation, survey and electronic quote to choose model and options
* Professional Installation and after care, with ongoing servicing and safety check options 
* High quality gate manufactured in the UK to exacting standards with long guarantees
* High quality support posts, electric drive systems, controls, safety systems and intercom
* Necessary groundworks

This price would be for a double width, solid design, premium, one piece, aluminum gate with a choice of various designs available as well as a wide choice of high quality finished colours for the gate and support posts. There will be variations on how the posts are installed depending on the ground conditions on site and also the tracking used for the sliding mechanism. The electric motor is nearly always sited on one side at ground level, but then there are many options for the specific gate motor and power output, depending on other factors on site and with the gate design and size required.

Controls would be 2 remote handsets and basic keypad entry system as a minimum, but of course there are so many other access control options, including smartphone or GSM control through your mobile phone where you can also take the call from the gate anywhere with or without a camera system built in.

Professionally surveyed, specified, manufactured and installed with a full after sale service and maintenance programme offered. We make sure the gate is the best it can be for the space and specification required, with maximum reliability and safety from the equipment used.

There is nothing worse than a problematic electric entrance gate system……



Colour choices

Advances in powder coating and painting processes generally have meant the colour options and finishes for aluminum gates are the best they have ever been.

Solid colours, pastel colours, Farrow and Ball colours, almost any colour can be achieved, but also now some incredible wood grain finishes too, all with excellent guarantees on their durability.


Sliding gates by their very design are better for security, especially from a forced attempt on the gate itself as their design ensures they hold firm by the main gate leaf being seated in a channel at one side and firmly held in place on the other side within a framework.

You can add electric mag locks and other security devices if you want to have even more security of course.

Easy Maintenance

Sliding gates nearly always have only one electric motor drive for operation and this motor has less work to do generally than on a pair of swing gates, especially when there is wind pressure involved.

One electric motor to service and maintain and one place to go to in case of a power failure and to engage emergency manual override.

Our View from 38 years of experience….

In the last 5 years there has been a surge of aluminium gates onto the UK market and an even bigger surge in low priced ecommerce offerings for gates too. You will see sub £2,000 prices very easily, but you will also see these are smaller size gates and also include for nothing else. Most of these are imported from Spain, Portugal or France, either in component form or in parts ready to assemble here to offer as faster delivery as well. The biggest issue is that cheaper aluminium gates mirror our reports on cheap aluminium roller garage doors. You are better off avoiding altogether in many cases. They will mostly fail very quickly depending on how exposed you are to high winds and what sort of daily use they might get too. For small entrance gates they are often fine, more suited to manual operation.

Making entrance gates electrically operated isn’t just bolting on some electro mechanical or hydraulic drive units, it is specifying the gate to work with the right equipment and making sure the gates are built to take the stresses and strains too. It is building a machine which has harmonious working parts to ensure the best result every time it is operated.

Worryingly, we also still see high numbers of electric entrance gates sold without safety devices and this is not legal in the UK. It is dangerous and irresponsible of the users, with high stakes should there be an accident or worse.

All our electric gates are built for purpose and hopefully last many years beyond their standard warranty as well. We can sit back and know our gates are compliant, safe, reliable and also built with longevity in mind. Take a look at any of our previous 38 years of work to see many gates which are still operating today.

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