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Glass Sectional Door

Glass Sectional Door

Glass Sectional Door





Electric Operation:

from £550 extra


Fully Glazed Sectional Door - Double Width

Prices Range:

£8,000 - £10,000

Glass garage doors- The opportunity to have a garage door which you can see through from inside and outside with the largest possible glazed sections built into a lightweight but very strong aluminium profile sectional panels interlocking with each other. Maximum natural light and vision.

Using the very strong principal of the sectional type overhead door it is possible to have a wide range of made to measure sizes in either real glass or a super strong-acrylic glazing, all with various options for the final finish, whether it is totally clear or tinted, frosted, stippled and so on...

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Expect to pay between £8,000 and £10,000 inc. VAT installed for a one off installation of a double width glass sectional door with a white or trend framework colour finish and purpose made sizes right up to 5500mm wide and 3000mm high. The price indicated is for a white or standard RAL colour finished frame and a choice of different 20mm double glazed polymer windows, with either a clear glazing right through to a 70% light transmission tinted option.

Real glass is possible as an option, but the weight can make it a little prohibitive for the door sizes and also the springing balance mechanism. The weight means larger springs have to be used to balance the door. The types of glazing possible are constantly evolving, so although the principle of this door is easy enough to grasp it is best to enquire nearer the time for purchasing and see the overall options available then.

A sectional door should fit BEHIND a structural opening for maximum benefits all round but if the door needs to go inbetween then this is fine, but some additional components will be required.
Various methods for fitting between are offered depending on what levels of performance and finish you require.

The double width size is generally between about 4m and 5m on a standard UK size single width garage. These doors are made to measure on the width and the height as standard with a standard height being around 2.2m in the UK. This door price is based on a standard 4420mm wide and 2125mm high (14ft 6” x 7ft 0”). 



The majority of the door panel with these doors is glazing and the only colour is the surrounding framework. However most of the standard colours still remain as options with White and trend the no cost standard option and some other RAl colours as additional costs.

You cannot have laminate foils on these types of doors. The glazing options vary and are constantly updated too as new technology and material processing comes through.


Perhaps a mute point on this type of sectional door as everything is on display unless you go for tinted glazing options. These doors assume a garage which is secured within the grounds of a property generally and are not doors for using on public facing areas. I.e. a garage by a public pavement, etc.

Although the glazing is very tough, as it needs to be for safety and general integrity overall, it is still a glazing which shows you what is in the garage. These doors are perfect for a garage within a gated property and maybe for a car collection or when the garage is perhaps a gym or office, etc. and lots of light is necessary.


A well balanced manual sectional door is easy enough to operate, especially as a single size door but you will then need a handle and locking which is not required when the door is electrically operated.

With the standard electric operator option all you have to do is press a button either on one of the 2 hand transmitters supplied or the wall mounted control station which sits inside your garage with a built in courtesy light also built in. Smart links are available on many higher end electric operators offering smartphone and tablet control for your door along with the addition of other controls for other products around your home.

If there is a power cut then you have to enter the garage by another door and release the motor drive to operate the door manually which will be quite effortless. If there is no other access then there is a release mechanism which is attached to the handle or drilled into the panel as a key release mechanism with cable attachment.

OUR VIEW: from 35 years of experience...

Sectional insulated garage doors offer pretty much the best standard specification for any garage door and are definitely the best value for money compared to any other door.

Nearly all sectional doors in the UK are now 40mm double skinned steel for the panels and use a variation of spring balancing and assistance methods to help the door up and down smoothly.

The variations in colour and finish options combined with the options on windows and design elements make this door type possible the most versatile and definitely one of the best choices at any size.

Strength, Longevity, Security and Style all are words which spring to mind along with the simple fact the door offers performance like no other door as standard and at far lower prices than you expect for such a magnificent piece of engineering. 

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