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High Performance Insulated Sectional Door

High Performance Insulated Sectional Door

High Performance Insulated Sectional Door





Electric Operation:



Super Insulated Sectional Door - Single Width

Prices Range:

£2,900 - £3,500

A sectional overhead door is possibly the highest performing standard type of garage door there is on offer and yet you can specify higher performance for when your garage environment really matters.

Most sectional garage doors are about 40 - 45mm thick as an insulated steel panel but you can also have this 67mm thick panel door for even higher insulation values and into the realms of Eco home higher specifications.

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High Performance Insulated Sectional Door

High Performance Insulated Sectional Door

A standard sectional door will have so many features offered and yet so many people still look at roller type doors just because of the insulated tag marketing waffle and the vertical operation. A basic standard 40mm insulated sectional door will have a similar insulation value to the wall on a house, it will have great strength from having nearly a 2 inch thick sandwich steel panel construction and it has been designed to be a manual operated door first with electric operation as an option so it already works very well without a motor drive. A higher performance insulated sectional door is nearly 3 inches thick!! The U values along with the additional Thermo kits can get your door on or below the magic 1.0 W/m2k value.

It is super durable and super smooth and reliable and makes any garage a comfortable place, with the peace of mind of the security offered by the door. Try to get a tested insulated U value on a fitted in situ insulated roller door… You cannot!

Almost any colour is possible with a sectional steel door and there is a massive choice of laminate foils offering woodgrain and trendy finishes all with a 10 year guarantee.

Modern, traditional and designer models, all with so many options on the finer details, as well as windows, proper windows not just a token gesture.

Security is a given feature with such a strong door.


Expect to pay between £2,900 and £3,500 inc. VAT installed for a one off professional, guaranteed installation of a single width insulated 67mm sectional door with a choice of standard finished colours and a wide range of standard sizes covering all the usual UK structural opening sizes. This price is for a white finished door in a standard surface finish fitted with the remote control electric operator and 2 hand held radio control transmitters.

A sectional door is designed to fit BEHIND a structural opening and if the door needs to go inbetween then this is fine but some additional work and equipment is required so it will put the price up.

Various methods for fitting between are offered depending on what levels of performance and finish you required. 

The single width size is generally between about 2.2m and 2.6m on a standard UK size single width garage. These sectional doors are available in standard and made to measure sizes on the width and the height with a standard height generally being around 2.2m in the UK. This door price is based on a standard 2286mm wide and 2125mm high (7ft 6” x 7ft 0”).




White is generally the standard finish for most steel sectional doors but anthracite grey and black have also recently been offered at the same price because of demand for this colour.

Most leading sectional door manufacturers will have a range of standard factory colours offered, usually about 16 options, all at the same price. There will be some woodgrain laminate foil coating finishes and some manufacturers now offer a massive choice using this technology and can simulate a lot of woodgrains and finishes not possible in paint. Any RAL or British Standard colour reference is also possible with additional charges depending sometimes on the availability of the colour. The sectional garage door pretty much has the most colour and finish options of any door type available.


The Hormann LPU67 when fitted with the anti lift kit as used in the Hormann latest electric operators, has RC2 security certification as standard. A European standard but a high standard for security.

Bi Directional radio controls also provide a super secure encryption protocol making sure no one can copy your signals when using.

Sectional garage doors in their most standard form are very secure simply by the nature of their mechanism and construction. This door is fitted as standard with a good quality electric operator and there is no external handle and the very strong panels are held firmly in place by the multi roller tracking system internally.


With the standard electric operator option fitted as standard, all you have to do is press a button either on one of the 2 hand transmitters supplied or the wall mounted control station which sits inside your garage with a built in courtesy light also built in.

If there is a power cut then you have to enter the garage by another door and release the motor drive to operate the door manually which will be quite effortless. If there is no other access then there is a release mechanism which is attached to the handle or drilled into the panel as a key release mechanism with cable attachment.


Thermal Insulation

Panel Section 67mm U = 0.33 W/(m2 K)

Fitted door 67mm (without ThermoFrame)* U = 1.00 W/(m2 K)

Fitted door 67mm (with ThermoFrame)* U = 0.88 W/(m2 K)

*without glazing, tested door size 5000 x 2250mm

OUR VIEW: from 35 years of experience...

Sectional insulated garage doors offer pretty much the best standard specification for any garage door and are definitely the best value for money compared to any other door. If you want to go that extra mile and have a super insulated door then consider this door and its other features.

67mm double skinned panels are super strong and offer great insulation against heat, cold and sound whilst also providing the best weatherseal around the perimeter.

The variations in colour and finish options combined with the options on windows and design elements make this door type possibly the most versatile and definitely one of the best choices at any size.

Strength, Longevity, Security and Style all are words which spring to mind along with the simple fact the sectional door offers performance like no other door as standard and at far lower prices than you expect for such a magnificent piece of engineering.

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