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Insulated Electric Sectional Door

Insulated Electric Sectional Door

Insulated Electric Sectional Door





Electric Operation:



Insulated Sectional Door - Triple Width

Prices Range:

£9,500 - £12,500

Triple width garages have become so much more popular in the last 10 years or so but there are only a few doors available once you go over the 6m width mark unless you go for an industrial door.

A sectional overhead insulated garage door is possibly the highest performing standard type of door there is on offer in the UK and wih its inherent strength the triple width is possible with ease, anything up to 8m wide in domestic gearing format. At this size however the doors generally onlt come with electric operation for obvious reasons. The spring assistance at this size is only possible with a front mounted torsion spring and this requires some serious fixings and setting up.

The strength of the panels means you will not hav any of the issues of sagging like you can get in larger roller doors which have been pushed over their limitations.

All the colours and other options are all possible at this triple width size with the reassurance the panel is well within its capabilities.

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Triple Width Insulated Sectional Door

Triple Width Insulated Sectional Door

Almost any colour is possible and there is a choice of laminate foils offering woodgrain and trendy finishes all with a 10 year guarantee.

Modern, traditional and designer models, all with so many options on the finer details, as well as windows, proper windows and glazing, not just a token gesture.


Expect to pay between £9,500 and 12,500 inc. VAT installed for a high quality triple width insulated sectional door installed, with a great choice of standard finished colours and a wide range of made to measure sizes for a perfect fit. 

A sectional door of this size will only fit behind a structural opening and also require some decent headroom, unless you are using a low headroom spring assembly.
As you might imagine there are some serious forces in action when a door this size opens and closes and above the 7m width a commercial style electric drive motor is used.

The opening width size is generally between about 6.5m and 7.5m on a triple width garage. Sectional doors are available in standard and made to measure sizes on the width and the height with a standard height being around 2.2m in the UK. Price above is based on a 7000mm x 2250mm door (22ft 10” x 7ft 4”). 




White tends to be the standard colour finish but recently many manufacturers have added black and anthracite grey to the list as the demand has grown so much. There tends to also be around 16 optional standard colours to choose from at a small extra charge with any RAL or British Standard colour reference is also possible with additional charges depending on the popularity and availability of the colour.

There will be some woodgrain laminate foil coating finishes and some manufacturers now offer a massive choice using this technology and can simulate a lot of woodgrains and finishes not possible in paint. Printing is also possible on a specific range we offer and that means you can literally have whatever you want on the front of the sectional door… Literally anything!!

The sectional garage door has the most colour and finish options of any standard door type available.


A sectional door is designed as a manual spring assisted door in its basic form and therefore has manual locking as a manual door. The standard locking is good, a large and unique internal latching mechanism which is locked via a euro profile hardened cylinder. However, most sectional garage doors are bought as electric operated and then the manual locking is left out completely  and the electric boom type operator which drives the door is the locking. Most modern operators have some kind of security mechanism and a manual override internally but some go a bit further and some have even been given the Secure by Design accreditation when specified in a certain way.

A sectional door by its very nature is very secure compared to most other garage door types because of the strength of the double skinned steel panels and the multiple rollers either side encapsulated into steel tracks. Forcing a sectional door is not going to get much movement at all, they sit solid and defiant when closed.. If a good quality electric operator is set up properly then trying to force the door from the ground upwards is near on impossible for a person with basic tools.


Based on a Carteck Super Size GWS40 Sectional Door

Resistance to Windload EN 12424 - Class 2

Watertightness EN12425 - Class 2

Air Permeability EN 12426 - Class 2

Thermal Transmittance EN 13241 - 1 - 1.38 W/m2k

Operating Forces (hand operated) EN 12604 - 150N


With the standard electric operator option all you have to do is press a button either on one of the 2 hand transmitters supplied or the wall mounted control station which sits inside your garage with a built in courtesy light also built in.

If there is a power cut then you have to enter the garage by another door and release the motor drive to operate the door manually which will be quite effortless. If there is no other access then there is a release mechanism which is attached to the handle or drilled into the panel as a key release mechanism with cable attachment.

OUR VIEW: from 35 years of experience...

If you are going large on the width then go sectional.

Sectional insulated garage doors offer about the best standard specification for any garage door type and are definitely the best value for money compared to any other door. As a triple width door the inherent strength in the sandwich steel panels comes into its own. No sagging or deflection in the panels when the door is open or closed, unlike many roller doors at these larger sizes.
Nearly all sectional doors in the UK are now 40 - 45mm double skinned, foam filled steel for the panels and use a variation of spring balancing and assistance methods to help the door up and down smoothly.
The variations in colour and finish options combined with the options on windows and design elements make this door type possibly the most versatile and definitely one of the best choices at any size.

Strength, Longevity, Security and Style all are words which spring to mind, along with the simple fact the insulated sectional door offers performance like no other door as standard and at far lower prices than you expect for such a piece of engineering.
If you are going to go big on a garage size then go sectional or sliding/round the corner as a door type. They are the only garage doors over 6m wide which will not cause you a problem longer term with mechanical issues. Any other door type is at or near its limits at around 5.5m wide, where a sectional door can be made up to 10m wide using commercial operating gear.. And these are all the same panels used.

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