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Our garage door type and price guide helps you understand the likely installed prices for various types of garage doors and other products and includes average costs for installation and accessories to finish the installation. Most garage doors will vary in some way or another on every installation and online headline prices offering low prices are ultimately very misleading. Specialists in garage doors for over 34 years now, our aim is to get you the RIGHT garage door for your application.


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Insulated Steel - Triple Width



Electric Operation:


Prices Range:




Triple Width Insulated Double Skin

£7,200.00 - £9,400.00

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Application Notes:

Double skinned and foam filled panels have incredible strength and many manufacturers can produce these insulated door panels up to widths of 8000mm!!  A triple garage width by definition would be about 21'0" wide (6400mm) and a garage this wide is not normally taller than about 2200mm (7'3") mainly we find due to height restrictions in planning. It is perfectly possible however to have a sectional door right up to 3000mm high (9'10") for domestic use.
At these larger sizes we assume the door to always be electrically operated due to the weight and impotus required to move the door even when fully balanced by the springing system. The electric motors used are also generally a commercial specification along with the operating mechanism internally so slightly more side room and headroom will be required over a smaller double size door.

Carteck Super sectional, triple width garage door Carteck Sectional Garage Door installed by The Garage Door Centre


Expect to pay prices starting from about £6,000 inc. VAT installed for a white finished woodgrain ribbed design sectional door at this size complete with electric motor drive and necessary safety devices and remote controls (usually 2 hand held remotes). Expect to pay a bit more for the Georgian cassette option in the region of £200. This price would cover a size up to about 2250mm high at the 6000 - 7000mm width.
It is important to try to keep to a simpler 240V direct drive motor system and although heavy duty these motors will be rated for about 25 operations per day. Any higher useage will require a higher rated motor.

Additional Costs

Other Sizes
This domesticated commercial sectional door will go up to 8000mm (26'3") wide with a maximum height of 2750mm (9'0") and at this size the price can be an additional £3,000. Doors at this size obviously require very careful handling and installation with absolute precise and correct fixings to ensure a rigid and square daily operation to then also ensure all the safety systems are always going to operate correctly.

Optional Colours
The standard finish would be RAL 9016 white and there are options for a range of limited optional colours usually adding about £100 and then the ANY Ral colour option adding about £300. For a limited range of woodgrain effect laminate foil coating finishes add about another £250 to the white price.

Access Control Options
There are so many ways to control an electric sectional door and the standard offering with almost and remote control motor will be the standard 2 no. hand held transmitters.
You could add a keyswitch externally for about £50, an external digital and wireless keypad for about £150 and then also look at control by finger reader, mobile phone, timers and transponders, all possible with any of the motor units required for the size of door and frequency of use.

Double glazed windows are perfectly possible in these large doors but for example if you wanted a panelled door with a glazed section in every cassette on the top panel you would have about 8 or 9 windows and at £95 each this would of course be between £760 and £855 additional cost.

The real thing to remember with any 'super sized' garage door is to check the CE marking, safety systems used and ensure the installation is carried out by a specialist as any door this size or larger is a very serious and heavy moving object indeed.

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