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Woodrite Accoya Garage Doors

Woodrite Accoya Garage Doors

Woodrite Garage Doors

Accoya® – The innovative and modern solution for timber doors, cladding, decking, structural products and much, much more...

Accoya® is undoubtedly the future of timber, ticking all the boxes for the environment, sustainability, performance, visual appearance and longevity. Accoya® is a type of timberthat is made with acetylated wood technology, a process that has been studied by scientists around the world for more than 75 years, and has produced some astonishing results and contemporary benefits to construction work. This method of improving wood has been proven to deliver such superior performance that it has long been used as the “gold standard” against which other methods are measured.

Woodrite Accoya timber side hinged garage door

Accoya® has been used for a plethora of construction jobs that should assure anyone of its outstanding durability, including for bridges, fences, tables, cladding for restaurants, doors, window frames, gates, walkways, terraces and more.

The timber was even used during the restoration of the HMS Warrior – if it can be used for such a heroic ship, then why not your garage door?

Woodrite are trained users of Accoya®, and their Thetford range consists entirely of Accoya® garage doors - view the range here >

Accoya®: at a glance

- Life expectancy of 50 years 

- 10 year guarantee on finishing

- Achieved through acetlyation - a process which strengthens the timber without comprimising its natural beauty

- Fantastic value for money for a premium garage door

- The perfect timber for painting

- Modern, innovative and economical timber species

- All designs in the Thetford range are available as Up and Over, Side Hinged and Personnel doors

Why an Accoya® garage door?

The stability of Accoya timber will increase the lifespan of all external joinery products, and is of a comparable price to Idigbo timber!

It is reported that Accoya® timber is expected, with proper maintainence adhered to, to last at least 50 years above ground; it is practically rot proof!

PLUS - Woodrite's Thetford Range, which comprises entirely of doors made of Accoya, comes with a 10 year guarantee on finish when ordered with factory finishing. Woodrite even turn their garage doors upside down, meaning that every inch of them is covered with the necessary treatment to optimise the strength and 'super-technology' of their doors.

The hard and consistent structure of an Accoya® garage door produces a much finer finish after sanding, and the lack of absorption of water from the paint means that the final finish quality is better than for hardwood. An even greater finish is possible by undergoing a grain fill process prior to painting. The hardness of the timber makes it less susceptible to denting or damage, and therefore increases the likelihood of maintaining the paint coating in the long-term.

This of course improves the longevity of the products. This timber can be grown in 25 years, yet can be used for far longer in application – this makes it a net absorber of CO2 and an incredibly green building material. 

Despite all of this, Accoya® is still fantastic value for money. The price of this premium type of garage door includes full finishing and a 10 year guarantee!

Oak or Accoya®?

Oak is renownded as a timber of natural beauty, and it can often be the statement of a property that it appears in. Although in many circumstances oak has maintained its appearance and avoided rotting, it does have properties that result in it discolouring and moving, requiring plenty of upkeep. Accoya® however, is able to offer far more durable properties, and unlike oak, is far less prone to movement problems. In terms of its appearance, it can even be stained to look more like oak if desired. 

Additionally, Accoya® is able to provide better levels of insulation than oak, beneficial for those who use their garage for various uses and to assist in reducing heating costs!

The Woodrite Thetford Range

The Barnham, Theford Range - Accoya Woodrite

The Barnham

The Culford, Thetford Range - Accoya Woodrite

The Culford

The Elveden, Thetford Range - Accoya Woodrite

The Elveden

The Harling, Thetford Range - Accoya Woodrite

The Harling

The Ingham, Thetford Range  - Accoya Woodrite

The Ingham

The Northwold, Thetford Range - Accoya Woodrite

The Northwold

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Perfect for external applications

For window frames, Accoya wood is the ultimate material of choice. Not only does it have extremely low thermal conductivity, but it also matches or exceeds the durability and dimensionally stability of the best tropical hardwoods available. It can be opaque coated in a wide range of colours, and for those wishing to enjoy the natural look of timber, translucent coated. Accoya’s low maintenance requirements add to its cost effectiveness and environmental acceptance.

Exterior timber doors should always be durable and dimensionally stable in order to prevent doors potentially jamming and becoming difficult to open and close in bad weather, as well as changes in air moisture content from season to season. It should also be easy to maintain. Accoya® timber meets the whole criteria and may be used to create simple or complex designs with a choice of coating finishes with greatly improved lifetime stability.

Accoya® is a perfect solution for exterior cladding, siding and façades where aesthetics, less maintenance, dimensional stability, durability and insulation value are always key factors. It is also crucial that the wood is non-toxic, and therefore totally safe for people and pets. Accoya timber again meets these requirements. Accoya® timber has been modified right through to the core and, the acetylation process does not weaken the original wood – in fact, its hardness is improved without compromising its bending strength.

Combined with exceptional durability and stability Accoya® timber can be an ideal material for structural requirements and has been used in bridges and other large structures around the world.

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