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Woodrite Thetford

Woodrite Thetford Range

The Thetford Range

Part of the Coach House collection, the Thetford range is named after the UK’s largest pine forest, and consists of Accoya ® wood. The doors, crafted in Accoya® mouldings, and Accoya® tongue & groove boards, possess unique and advanced qualities. Additionally, with a ten year warranty on finish, a door made of Accoya® is an excellent solution for the entrance to your garage. 

What is Accoya®?

Accoya® wood is the result of decades of research and development that has brought together a long-established, extensively proven wood modification technique and leading-edge patented technology: acetylation. This technique means that the Woodrite range consists of doors that possess high performance wood, ideal for outdoor use and challenging applications. Accoya® has properties that match or exceed those of the best tropical hardwoods and treated woods, yet is manufactured using wood from sustainable sources.

Already the material of choice for a wide range of demanding outdoor applications, Accoya® wood can be used for virtually anything; from decking to cladding, bridges to boats, and even for applications that are presently only feasible with non-sustainable and man-made materials... and now, Woodrite garage doors!

Accoya® wood has been modified right through to the core, and the acetylation process does not weaken the original wood or compromise its bending strength - in fact, the strength is improved.

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Painting your door?

Accoya® is perfect for painting any RAL colour, Farrow and Ball paint or similar heritage paint finishes. The Accoya® treatment process fixes all tannins and resins, ensuring that no leaching of stains through the paint finish can occur.

All finishes carry a ten year warranty from our stain supply partners Teknos - equivalent to a finished steel garage door!



Woodrite - Thetford Barnham

BarnhamPersonnel Door Available

Woodrite - Thetford Culford

CulfordPersonnel Door Available

Woodrite - Thetford Elvenden

Elveden *Personnel Door Available

Woodrite - Thetford Harling

HarlingPersonnel Door Available

Wioodrite - Thetford Ingham


Woodrite - Thetford Northwold

NorthwoldPersonnel Door Available


Personnel Door Available - Personnel Door Available - Click here for more information or view our York range more details.  


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