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Woodrite Timber Doors

Woodrite Timber Up and Over Garage Doors

Woodrite are a relatively new addition to the garage door market, specialising in the high quality manufacturing of natural timber garage doors. As each door is made with such care and the necessary treatments, Woodrite are able to produce the best.

Woodrite Up & Over Garage Doors

Today’s approach to timber garage doors can sometimes seem to revolve around uniformity, however those who know true beauty understand the value of wood. With their impressive Coach House range of Up & Over garage doors, Woodrite’s doors represent the finest of the

ir kind. Consisting of finely engineered timber designs crafted by experienced joiners, there is also a trained eye for intricate detail and an ability to work with the natural properties of selected timbers. The team understand that, when preserved and maintained, timber is a long-lasting material, forgiving of minor bumps and knocks.

Every fully furnished door that Woodrite manufacture is protected by the necessary treatments; the team even turn each door upside down so that every part of the door is treated. The treatment that each door undergoes allows every door to show off its unique characteristics.

If you have not found the style of door that you seek, remember that Woodrite have produced hundreds of bespoke doors, enabling you to bring your ideas to life. Woodrite select the timbers of every door to work sympathetically together to show the natural variations. If you are fitting two doors side by side, it can be discussed so the doors can have similar tones and grains for a complementary pairing. 

How is my garage door made?

All timber doors are built to order from Grade 1 selected cedar tongue and groove boards and mouldings. All boards are individually dipped in a base coat treatment to ensure thorough penetration into the end grain and grooves. There is a vast range of standard sizes available, however special sizes can be made to measure in mm increments for Up & Over and Side-Hinged.

Boarded designs, such as the Tingewick and the Uxbridge, have an anodised steel sub-frame that protects the end grain of the boards. Panel styles such as the Radnage and Taplow are built using a cedar moulding framework with a chamfer detailing and cedar tongue and groove boarded infill panels. A polymer sealant bead is also applied to prevent rain seeping into the horizontal timber rails.

A Selection of Woodrite Timber Up & Over Door Designs

The Claverdon, Warwick Range, Idigbo, Woodrite Garage Doors

The Claverdon

The Grendon, Warwick Range, Idigbo, Woodrite Garage Doors

The Grendon

The Southam, Warwick Range, Idigbo garage door

The Southam

Burham, Thetford, Accoya wood, Woodrite garage doors


Harling, Thetford range, Accoya wood, Woodrite garage doors


Northwold, Thetford range, Accoya wood, Woodrite garage doors


Tingewick, Balmoral Range - Woodrite garage doors


Bierton, Balmoral Range - Woodrite garage doors


Gawcott, Balamoral Range - Woodrite garage doors



View all of the Woodrite ranges below:

Woodrite Somerset Range

Somertset - Cedar Range

Woodrite Balmoral Range

Balmoral - Cedar Range

Woodrite Buckingham Range

Buckigham - Cedar Range

Woodrite Warwick Range

Warwick - Idigbo Range

Woodrite Monmouth Range

Monmouth - Oak Range

Woodrite Thetford Range

Thetford-Accoya® Range

Woodrite York Range

York - Cedar (Side-Hinged) Range

Woodrite Personnel Doors

Personnel Door Range


Choosing your timber garage door is easy...

  • Select your preferred style from the vast choice of designs. 

  • Decide which colour you'd like, or whether you would like to finish it yourself on site.

  • Note any additional options you would like to add, such as a different handle colour, window leading if it's available on your style, or canopy operating gear on a single sized Up & Over garage door if you prefer this over the standard retractable operating gear.

  • Choose a fixing sub frame in either steel or timber in a wide variety of sizes and finishes.

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Which colour to choose?

Each door is available with a base-treatment that you will need to stain in a colour of your choice, or factory fully finished in one of eight classic timber shades as standard - other options are available upon request. Woodrite use the Teknos wood finish system and recommends this for on site finishing and any ongoing maintenance.

The finish provides a low gloss surface that can be wiped clean with a soft cloth and water. Re-staining is recommended at least every three years, but it is reccomended to keep an eye on the finish as south facing doors in strong sunlight may require more regular care.

Introducing the new super chassis wooden garage door for extra strength...

Super Chassis - Woodrite Timber Garage Doors

The substantial corrosion protected steel chassis is the foundation for the new door construction, giving extra levels of strength without comprising the doors external appearance.

Woodrite doors are offered in two main types of construction for various technical and aesthetic reasons. They are either panel-built or solid-built, referencing to the way in which the door panel is manufactured in the factory before the operating gear is chosen. The panel-built doors are broken down furthermore into two types: The Masta Gear range and the Super Chassis range. Although perhaps confusing, there is always a reason why one would be chosen against the other.

The Masta Gear build is a ‘belt and braces’ type-build. Using an aluminium sub frame with heavy-duty retractable operating gear, featuring cranked lifting arms on the single size doors, the drive through width is improved.

The Super Chassis build is using a box section galvanised steel chassis, deriving from the Hormann Series 2000 door system, using the very same operating gear in a retractable mechanism, with a canopy option if required. 

Solid Panel Build

A solid built panel timber door is exactly as it sounds – the door panel is constructed using traditional mortice and tenon joining techniques, followed by the Masta gear being attached directly to the timber panel. This type of door is made purely of timber, and looks as good internally as it does externally.

The new cloaked chassis and gear has all the benefits of a super-strong chassis and ultra-reliable lifting gear, yet all that is visible from the front is beautiful timber! Some stealth technology is brought to you by Woodrite! The only exceptions are the full boarded designs – the Chesham, Hardwick, Tingewick and Uxbridge designs from the Buckingham range – these retain a sub-frame edge to protect the end grain of the cedar boards. 

Edge to edge timber

Timber framed garage doors have edge to edge timber, whilst doors with a steel frame have a steel top edge that acts as a slam strip, closing behind the garage door frame head. The chassis profile is exceptionally rigid, removing the need for additional bracing plates and cross bracings, creating a very neat interior.  

What will the size of my door look like? 

Double doors over 10'6" wide are often created with the appearance of two single doors side by side to ensure proportions are retained, depending on the design of the door. Doors up to 10'6" wide use repeated features of wider proprtions for each feature to achieve an attractive and balanced design. The Chesham, Hardwick, Tingewick, Uxbridge and Wendover styles are fully boarded designs and feature an anodized steel subframe to protect timber ends. All other styles are "edgeless".

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Handles & locks

Good security comes as standard. Doors are supplied as standard with a black handle and key-operated lock to activate the multi-point latches. For doors that are to be motorized, lock deletion can be specified at the time of order - locks can always be fitted at a later date but lock holes cannot be removed! Two alternative finishes for the handle are available.

How will my door operate?

All Up & Over doors are supplied on fully retractable opening gear as standard. Retractable gear is ultra-reliable and perfect for electric automation. It also provides light and easy spring assisted opening when operated manually. The door slides up and back, "retracting" almost completely into the garage on tracks that are fixed to the garage ceiling or side walls.

Canopy opening gear is available as an option on single doors up to 8'0" wide and 7'0" high. The door slides up on spring assisted arms that run in tracks fitted to the back of the frame legs and forms a "canopy", projecting out from the front of the garage.

A word about windows

Doors that feature windows are constructed with sections of stippled polycarbonate that, whilst allowing light to pass through and into the garage, prevents the window being seen through. Clear polycarbonate is available as a no cost option. Toughened safety glass can also be used in most cases as an option.

The Coleshill, Radnage and Ickford styles from the Buckingham range and the York, Denholme and Shelley are also available with square or diamond leading as a no cost option.

Gear Types

Up & Over doors can either be fitted with a canopy or retractable gear type. A door operated by a canopy gear type allows for maximum drive-through width, however cannot be used on larger garages and is for manual use only. A retractable garage door is able to be electrically operated and is suitable for heavier doors, however it does reduce your drive-through width, meaning the gear type you choose for your timber door is entirely dependant on your garage and your door of choice.

See more about the gear types here >

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