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30th January 2017
Seceuroglide Insulated Roller Garage Doors

Why is a Seceuroglide roller door so good?  We explain why...

The Seceuroglide Insulated Aluminium Roller Door.

What makes the Seceuroglide aluminium roller door so much better than all other roller doors in the UK?

The Seceuroglide was one of the very first aluminium double skinned insulated roller garage doors developed and manufactured in the UK with the majority of the components coming from a German company called Alulux – one of the highest quality producers of aluminium extrusions for the door industry.
The curtain slats are an aluminium foam filled 77mm deep and 20mm thick double skinned construction with a slight curve to the slat enabling perfect alignment when the door is rolled up.

The Seceuroglide only uses high quality components throughout the whole door construction with the most important parts always being the ones that usually cannot be seen externally – the barrel for the curtain to roll around, the electric tube motor inside the barrel and the components holding the slats together as well as connecting the curtain to the barrel itself. If any of these components are not up to scratch in a door build, and fail, a roller door will very quickly disintegrate as there are so many moving parts in this type of garage door. This is the area where a lot of companies try to save costs and why a Seceuroglide is such a high quality roller door. It has been tested and re tested over many years and honed to perfection with some parts patented and some totally unique to Seceuroglide.

1.      Patented nylon fabric webbing  connecting all the slats together making this door almost silent in operation and not subject to the same rattling which will occur in any roller door that uses end locks in either plastic or steel. This webbing also provides many more benefits including faster opening as there is no slack in the curtain as there is in an end locked door, better security as you cannot slide a slat out if the curtain is penetrated and the whole system never requires lubrication of any sort.

2.     Patented steel locking rod and teeth built into the endplates to ensure the curtain cannot be lifted by even a few millimetres. The motor also holds the curtain firm and uses solid extruded aluminium sections to connect the curtain to the barrel rather than many other nylon linkage solutions that can have very short life spans and need replacing

3.  100mm round and fluted barrel used on all door sizes for the very best in rigidity and security unlike far smaller barrels used in most other doors.

4.   Galvanised steel end plates for a stronger, more secure installation

5.    In the guide rails there is a deep brush pile further enhancing insulation and making the door even quieter during operation. Most roll garage doors use endlocks which are either nylon or metal and rattle terribly in high winds.

6.  High quality bottom edge safety sensor and rubber seal for sensing any obstructions when closing immediately stopping the door and reversing.  This sensor is the only method a remote control garage door should be using to comply with current and new up and coming regulations. An infra red beam or several beams are NOT COMPLIANT and illegal to use with remote control operation. You can add a beam for extra safety when the door may be near a public highway or if you want extra protection but used on its own it is not sufficient.

We could go on with the minutest of details but the real test is in the fact we have been supplying these superb roller garage doors for over 15 years now where most roller door companies manufacturing right now have all been at it for less than 5 years.

We constantly review all other roller doors and indeed do offer some others for use in certain conditions where they may have a unique benefit but for a trouble free, domestic roller garage door constructed from insulated aluminium slats then look no further than the

Seceuroglide range



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