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04th September 2019
Sectional Doors 2019

The features that a sectional door can offer are better now than ever before...

Sectional Garage Doors 2019

What's new for sectional garage doors this year?

Writing in 2019, various new and deluxe features for sectional garage doors have been made available in the last few years, many of which are exclusive to this particular door type.

Such features play a significant part in why sectionals are continually proving to be the very best type of garage door, covering all vital areas for what’s wanted by garage and home owners.

So – what are the very best new additions to sectional garage doors?


Exclusive designs and aesthetics for sectional garage doors

The most visually exciting garage door is undoubtedly the sectional – practically anything can be achieved today. It is no longer about which colour you would like your sectional garage door to be, its how it can become a fascinating piece of architecture in itself.

Timber Finishes

If it’s a traditional look you’re after, there are now an abundance of quality, true-to-life timber finishes that truly convey the warmth of various timber species. Such finishes seem to become more realistic year-on-year, with a huge variety of timber species styles and stains available.


Up to the challenge of creating your very own design? Your sectional garage door can be adorned with patterns of your own imagination with stainless steel embellishments, as well as various imaginative glazing placements. If you aren't quite up to creating your own design, we have an abundance of various designs available for you to choose from - whether they be minimalistic and sleek, or uniquely distinctive - you are sure to find a design perfect for your home and garage.


Or, will your garage door become the statement of your home’s exterior? Impress with the most bespoke materials, including sandstone, textiles, metals and various materials that can be placed under a clear casting. Sectional garage door panels can also be manufactured with pure glass, a uniquely sleek aesthetic for the modern homeowner or directors of bespoke projects.

Bespoke finishes from The Garage Door Centre


Sectional garage doors offer excellent levels of thermal and acoustic insulation

Thermal Insulation

Sectional doors have offered excellent levels of thermal insulation for many years, however the introduction of 67mm thick door leaves has taken this up to a whole new level – and to unrivalled standards by any other door types.

In terms of thermal insulation, a 67mm thick sectional door is practically a movable wall – it really is just as insulating as one, if not, more so! Our sectional range includes doors that can offer U-Values lower than 1 - ultimately meaning excellent levels of thermal insulation.

Acoustic Insulation

Note that the high levels of insulation offered by a sectional door isn't just limited to maintain the warmth in your garage. The sheer thickness of the door leaf also works to keep the garage cooler during the summer, as well as create acoustic insulation, protecting your garage from nosy neighbours, and vice versa! It goes without saying that such thick door leaves in-turn create durable, sturdy doors that make break-in attempts by potential intruders considerably more difficult; just one factor contributing to the sectional's great security.


Sectional garage door with no tracks


For a perfectionist, the tracks of a sectional garage door may appear to be cluttering, and they can also take away from any ceiling storage too. So, if you’re looking for a sectional garage door with no tracking, the Securlap is your best option. The Securlap is a prestige, innovative door that opens effortlessly smoothly; the two door panels rise vertically, split apart and rest upon one another once the door is entirely opened.

Track Alteration

Alternatively, we also offer a tack-altering service (dependent on door model), meaning that if your garage ceiling is reasonably high, your door can travel further upwards and sit below the ceiling, creating a more open space when your garage door is open.

Find out more about the trackless sectional Securlap


Smart Sectional Garage Doors - control from your smartphone

Control Your Sectional from Your Smartphone

If you’re investing in a sectional garage door, you are likely to take care and appreciate your garage space – and this can be further enhanced with our Smart automation systems. From your smartphone, you can control your sectional door, as well as the lighting within your garage for the ultimate convenience. You can even set up a scenario so that once you are a designated distance from your driveway, the garage door opens and the lights turn on, ready for your return.

Home Automation

Like the idea of living the ultimate modern lifestyle? This same system can also allow you to add other appliances within your home to control from your smartphone. Control your home's lights, heating, and even advance the security levels that a sectional already provides with security cameras and sensors.

Find out more about Smart garage doors from The Garage Door Centre


See The Benefits of a Sectional Garage Door for Yourself!

Don't just take our word for it - we have five working sectional garage doors in our Wellingborough showroom for you to see and try out! Just click the button below to find our address, and come along - our staff will be happy to welcome you, and help you out with any queries.

Visit The Garage Door Centre showroom

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