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17th December 2018
Secure Your Home & Garage

We've compiled a list of some of our Secured by Design door options, ensuring your home and garage are kept secure.

We take security extremely seriously at The Garage Door Centre, which is why we pay particular attention to products with worthy accreditations, such as the ‘Secured by Design’ certification.

Secured by Design is supported by the Police and encourages the manufacturing of products to incorporate security measures in order to prevent crime.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the best products we supply and install that have been carefully manufactured with security in mind. 

Hormann LPU Sectional Doors

When a Hormann LPU door is installed with a SupraMatic or ProMatic Series 3 BiSecur operator, the door is ‘Secured by Design’.

In addition to the comfort of owning a ‘Secured by Design’ product, this can in turn result in other factors benefitting your style of living. For instance, Hormann’s LPU 42 sectional garage door consists of 42mm thick door panels. Therefore, not only does the door provide a strong, thick panel, but also excellent insulating properties to keep your home and garage warm.

In addition to the sheer thickness of the door, the basic operation and mechanism of a sectional garage door inherently provides greater resistance against attempts of forced entry by unwanted intruders.

Hormann Sectional Garage Doors

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LPU 67

The LPU 67 is a relatively new addition to the Hormann range, and is distinctively thicker than the LPU 42 with its 67mm thick door panels. Of course, this not only strengthens the door, but also offers incredible levels of insulation.

Hormann Operators

The Promatic and Supramatic operators by Hormann are some of the most secure that are available on the market, with their main advantage being the locking systems equipped.

Their patented steel latches are built into the towing mechanism, which are effectively able to ‘double lock’ the door, rather than just a weak manual locking and handle system. Additionally, the motor also holds the door down as an extra security measure, resulting in a very secure door that would prove to be very difficult to break into.

SWS SeceuroGlide Excel

The Excel collates all of the benefits of the SeceuroGlide Classic, yet is equipped with additional features that mean the door is secure enough to be awarded with the ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation – and was the first roller door to achieve this.

The Excel, like any aluminium roller door, is manufactured with aluminium, foam-filled slats that are not only more secure than the comparable single-skin, steel roller door, but also provide insulating properties. However, the Excel is additionally fitted with a patented system that locks and secures the door into place when closed.

SWS SeceuroGlide Excel Roller Garage Doors

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Other features that enhance security levels include:

Steel end plates

Curtain webbing assembly system

Steel teeth, securing the door down further when closed


Garador Guardian

If you are looking for a traditional up and over garage door, still one of the most popular garage door types in the UK, the Garador Guardian range offers this with additional security measures.

The Guardian range was the first collection of up & over doors to earn the ‘Secured by Design’ rating, and this is as a result of Garador’s extra features added to the standard, already secure model.

Garador Guardian Up and Over Garage Doors

The security features include:

Lock body protection – protects lock body and central locking rod anchor points

Anti-snap cylinder – replaces standard cylinder to prevent entry

High security bracing – Eight, rather than two, braces

Improved lock security – plates added to base corners

The Garador Guardian range can be fitted with either retractable or canopy gear, and is even available with matching front entrance doors that also offer Secured by Design specification.

Please note that in order to be installed with the Secured by Design specification, the door must be manufactured to a single size and manually operated.

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