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26th September 2018
Vertical Line Designs

Garage doors with vertical lines prove to be a modern, traditional choice even in today's modern designs

Having vertical lines or grooves in a garage door is a design that proves to be exceptionally popular because of the traditional look and feel it gives to the door.

The vertical lines can be as a result of machine pressings into steel, carvings or routings into solid timber, or simply because of the divisions between the panels used in either timber cladding or insulated steel panels joining together in the door design.

Steel Designs

In many steel garage doors, the vertical design in an up and over door are pressed steel grooves into a steel panel which are either quite close or very wide apart for a very different design.
See the Hormann 2001 Vertical or Garador Carlton, or the designer style doors - Elegance.

Garador Black Steel Up & Over

Garador Up  & Over

Hormann White Steel Up & Over Garage Door

Hormann Up & Over

In a round the corner steel garage door, the panels used are either vertical slats like those used in a roller garage door, or larger solid panels as used in a sectional type door; placed on their side they give a very different effect. The Vertico RTC door will have vertical lines which are the division between the slats at every 77mm, and in the Hormann HST the divisions will be more like every 375mm - 500mm wide. These can however, have further vertical lines pressed into the panels which can also vary in width separation.

Hormann HST Round the Corner garage doors

HST Hormann Side Sectional

Vertico Round the Corner Garage Door

Vertico Side Sliding

Wooden Designs

The vertical lines in most timber garage doors will be the lines from the joints of the timber cladding used, which in a standard door will be at around every 65mm. There is the option for using wider timber boards for a far more ‘period’ feel and these will be around 100 - 115mm wide. These are best specified on older properties where a match with other period features will make a huge difference in the overall effect for the door.

With a round the corner timber garage door just like the steel side sectional door the vertical lines will be either the direct result of using vertical timber slats usually around 65-80mm wide or grooves in larger timber panels with a further line from the panel divisions.

Woodrite Door with Vertical Lines

Woodrite Up & Over

Timber Up and Over with Vertical Lines Design

Timber Doors with Vertical Lines

Sectional Overhead Doors

it is possible to have a sectional overhead type garage door with vertical lines. They are routed into the solid timber panels or part of a repressed steel panel design, which of course run horizontally, but the effect can work quite well regardless of the horizontal split between the solid panels. This is an idea solution to satisfy planning restrictions or local authority restrictions on designs and styles. Even side hinged door design can be achieved with carefully chosen false hinges and additional design in the panels.

Find out more about The Silvelox Securlap


We can offer many of the various door types available with bespoke line operation if it is important to have a specific line-break dimension, whether this may be to match another product or satisfy a planning requirement. Speak to us about any aspect of a garage for design, because these days almost any design can be achieved and so many materials can also be used.

If you'd like to find out more or speak to our knowledgeable team about this, don't hesitate to give us a call on 01933 229135.

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