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Cardale Remote Control

Cardale Garage Door Remote Control

Please note we no longer supply the Cardale electric operators. The operators were made for Cardale in the main by Marantec, a specialist German manufacturer of gate, garage door and industrial door electric motors and control accessories, and these can be purchased directly from ourselves.

Information only:
Most garage doors doors can be fitted with one the "state of the art" Cardale DC operators. The DC-650NIII super quiet toothed cable drive operator is suitable for most door sizes, alternatively the more powerful DC-800NIII is available for our larger doors. Both incorporate the latest microchip technology, LED status and diagnostics, very simple 3-step set-up procedure plus a comprehensive list of safety and security features. Traditional chain drive or the "whisper quiet" Kevlar belt drive options are available which is particularly suited to integral garages.

The entry level opener, the DC-550NIII is equipped with all the safety features of the DC-650/800NIII operators and is suitable for smaller door sizes.

To complement the standard electric opener packages Cardale also offer a dedicated range of options and accessories to add extra convenience and extra security to satisfy your individual requirements. Once you have installed an opener you\'ll never want to be without one.



Smooth DC motor featuring \'soft start-soft stop\' for improved safety and quieter closing. Also features Smart Entry System automated force setting. Patented Reference Point Technology means the opener always knows the precise position of the door and constantly measures and monitors forces for ultimate safety and sensitivity. The operator not only monitors itself, the Doorsafe monitoring feature constantly measures the door\'s performance and activates the safety systems should the door begin to operate outside the force safety envelope. Energy saving circuitry reduces running costs. Anti-thief backdrive feature gives further protection against unauthorised entry. The DC-650NIII operator is suitable for Steel, Timber, ABS, and sectional overhead doors up to 4267mm wide x 2286mm high (14\'0" x 7\'6") 





The DC800-NIII shares all the features of the DC650-NIII but has a more powerful motor. It also allows an intermediate close position to be programmed and an adjustable interval for the courtesy light. This operator is suitable for all retractable up and over doors but is recommended for any sectional door over 4267mm wide x 2134mm high (14\'0" x 7\'0")





The DC550-NIII is our entry level operator. This operator is suitable for all Steel, Timber, ABS, GRP and sectional doors up to 4267mm wide x 2134mm high (14\'0" x 7\'0")

* An alternative receiver module may be required dependent upon which version of Homelink you have.

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