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Duraroll Garage Doors


Duraroll Garage Doors

The DuraRoll from Garage Door Systems is one if the UK's Number One single skin steel roller garage door. Its' market leading position is the result of a combination of features that bring stylish looks, every day ease of use and exceptional reliability and durability. Take a look at each feature package to learn more about choosing a DuraRoll garage door.

Installed Roller Doors


DuraRoll InnerLight and Easy Action: Roller garage doors offer exceptional convenience in everyday use. Although the door is strong, manual operation of DuraRoll, with its spring assisted action is light and easy

No Kick-Out: a well-balanced door will begin to rise unaided when the lock is released and requires little effort to open fully. The vertical travel of the doors curtain is a real blessing for anyone used to the awkward kick-out of a traditional up and over door. Once the door has been closed a light downward push ensures the lock bars engage with just the turn of a key.

Neat and Compact: Rolling neatly above the door tracks, DuraRoll takes up little space inside the garage and allows you to park your car right up to the door, inside and out. DuraRoll is suited to garage openings of all shapes as the most common installation fits behind the opening. The door can also be fitted to the back of a sub frame within the garage opening but the door roll will reduce the clear drive through height by at least 431mm. If the headroom in your garage is limited, you should consider the DuraRoll Mini that requires only 330mm of space to roll.

Great Looks

Broader Profile: The patented broad profile design of DuraRoll lends itself perfectly to a residential setting. The profile has a much more attractive proportion than alternative narrow rib doors that can look industrial by comparison.

DuraRoll colour finishes

High Grade Finish: The high-grade Plastisol finish is available in the widest range of colours on the market and the two foil wood-effect finishes complete the style options.

Duraroll Colours

Wood effect colour options

Thicker Steel: The colours are pre-finished onto the highest quality steel that is of a thicker (0.5) gauge than comparable doors.

Extra-thick means extra-tough and resistant to damage. The finishes are low maintenance and come with a five or ten year guarantee.

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Security and Strength

DuraRoll locking mechanismDeeper Tracks: The 50mm deep side tracks are more substantial than other doors (30mm tracks are available when space is limited). They hold the door securely in place from top to bottom.

Superior Strength Support Brackets: DuraRoll support brackets are welded for added strength and powder coated for a neat finish.

All Metal Lock: The solid lock bars and all-metal lock body on DuraRoll doors are much stronger than the plastic alternatives from other manufacturers. The pick-resistant lock barrel ensures the door has a good level of security and on remote control doors the motor acts as a positive lock.

Thicker Steel: The DuraRoll door curtain steel is a thicker (0.5) gauge than comparable doors making it a stronger door. Combine this with deep tracks, all metal lock body, solid locking bars, full height tracks and it makes DuraRoll a great value choice for medium security requirements.


Comprehensive Warranty: The DuraRoll garage door is backed by Garage Door Systems' warranty: 

  • 3 years: Locks

  • 5 years: Door Components

  • 5 years: Foil Laminated Door curtains

  • 10 years:  Plastisol - Coated Door Curtains

  • Terms and Conditions apply.

Remote Control

Lift Master OperatorPowered by the Worlds Number 1: DuraRoll can be operated by remote control motor. If you choose this option, the door is paired with a LM 650 opener from the world's No.1 manufacturer of garage door openers - Liftmaster.

The motor unit fits onto the motor shaft and drives the door barrel at the touch of your remote control. The door is fully tested and certified for use with the opener and both door and opener are CE marked, ready for the installation.

The motor unit included a timed courtesy light to guide you into your garage, twin handsets and a wireless wall station as standard.

Automatic force sensing ensures safe operation and the mini handset generates a new code every use to ensure security is good too. Security is further enhanced by the motor that acts as a positive lock when the door is closed.

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