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Q:How much do Roller Garage Doors cost?

A single sized roller garage door can vary from around £350 up to £5,000 and it all depends on the curtain type used, the guides, the motor drive, the controls and safety systems, the colour or laminate finish and then all the parts you really wont see from the outside. In short with a roller garage door you will really only get what you pay for, period..

As roller garage door are so popular in the UK there are many people setting up to manufacture and sell them, seeing a relatively easy oportunity. The problem is there is quite a lot of misunderstanding on what actually makes a good quality roller garage door as they can be large sizes on double garage openings. Multiple moving parts and components can easily fail if they are not of a good quality and we often have people looking for help and advice when a roller door has effectively fallen apart because of this. Yes, they can all look so similar in pictures, but the devil is in the detail with a roller door as the stresses and strains in the movement can put pressure on the motor, the curtain sections, the paint finish and the guides at the sides so they all really do need to work together harmoniously for a door worthy of a minimum 5 year guarantee.

For a single width electric 'insulated' roller door expect to pay between £1,500 and £2,500 for most of the regular and established brands

For a double width door of the same specification expect to pay around £3,000 - £4,000. Both these would be remote control operated with 2 or more handsets, a manual emergancy override, a large choice of colour options, a 5 year gurantee (minimum) and usually a few more attractive features.

There are higher security roller doors with pedigree ratings and certifications which will cost a bit more and a few options for doors with a more basic specification too.

Take a look at our 'Type and Price Guide' for a bit more help...

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