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Q:How do I open an electric garage door in a power cut?

This is always covered for every garage door we sell but there are many ways it can be tackled... Every single garage door we supply or install has a...


Q:What is the best insulated garage door to buy?

The best garage doors for insulation and also providing the very best weathersealing for your garage also depends on how and where it is installed, he...


Q:What headroom do I need for a roller garage door?

This depends on the type of roller door you are looking at but there are only really 2 main types so it is quite easy to understand There are 2 mai...


Q:Why do roller garage door prices vary so much?

Quite simply with roller doors, you will get what you pay for. The majority of roller doors sold in the UK are the double skinned foam filled aluminiu...


Q:What is the requirement for safety on an electric roller door?

This is quite simple really as the standard was set many years ago even though many companies still ignore it The safety requirement on an electric r...


Q:What is a standard size for a roller garage door?

There really isn't a standard size for most roller doors as they are made to order by most manufacturers but there are some very commonly used sizes o...


Q:What are Infra Red Beams used for?

The infra red photocell safety you may see banded around on various door types can be misleading Infra red safety beams are a device used to put a si...


Q:What is the Best Type of Roller Garage Door?

Buyer's Guide to Roller Garage Doors

When looking for a roller garage door you will probably already have seen there is an enormous choice a...

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