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Q:What are the Standard Sizes of garage doors?

There are really only a few 'standard' ordering sizes for garage doors and these are purely historic in their origins from not that long ago when there were only a few sizes offered in the UK.

When we are asked for a standard garage door nowadays the temptation to throw back the traditional sizes offered ever since the 80's has to be avoided as they are quite simply not really wide enough for modern vehicles, so although they still exist and are still sold in volumes to replace older garage doors of the same size they are not a very good size to use on a new garage build.

The older standard sizes used to be 7' x 6'6" and 7' x 7' for one piece up and over doors and for double sizes it was nearly always a 14' x 7' order size, and that was it! These were the biggest sellers years ago and still order in imperial references! These references are to the nearest size of a metric equivalent and this is how it has always been with up and over and more recently sectional garage doors so if every millimetre counts it is worth checking the actual metric sizes with the fixing sub frame included so a mistake is not made.

Nowadays if you fit a 7' wide (2134mm) up and over garage door you will find many cars simply won't fit through the opening, especially if retractable operating gear is used. Most people should attempt to get at least 7'6' wide and 7'0" high or larger and the most common standard double door is getting to be 16'0" (4877mm) x 7'0". These sizes refer to the 'ordering sizes' and these are nearly always the measurements between the sub frame which has to be accounted for, so always be aware of this.

With the popularity now of roller and sectional garage doors the sizes have increased and many of these doors are installed to the inside face of the garage opening and as they rise vertically it is possible to be a bit out on the sizes and it shouldn't matter too much. For example, if you have a garage opening width of say 7'5" wide and 7'2" high a standard 'off the shelf' 7'6' x 7'0" sectional garage door will fit nicely onto the inside face without any further work required. This assumes of course there is sufficient internal clearance to take the operating mechanism.

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