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Q:What headroom do I need for a roller garage door?

This depends on the type of roller door you are looking at but there are only really 2 main types so it is quite easy to understand

There are 2 main types of roller garage door in the UK, one is manufactured from single skin sheet steel and the other is manufactured from aluminium individual double skinned slats mainly with an insulated foam core. There are some others indeed but they are either very specialised or not worth mentioning.

Single Skin Steel Roller Door
The single skin steel roller door uses a sheet of roll formed steel for the curtain and this simply wraps around itself on the barrel when opening and in the main this type of door requires a minimum of 420mm headroom inside your garage to allow the roll to sit neatly behind your lintel. As you get higher doors than the normal heights usually encountered the roll size will of course get larger.
The Gliderol A and AA series are examples of this type of roller door.
Gliderol also manufacture a mini roll version of this type of door in limited sizes with less headroom required than the standard door.

Double Skinned Aluminium Roller Doors
As these types of roller doors have individual slats they can roll around a smaller barrel for a smaller roll when open. The standard height roller doors require an internal headroom of 300mm  to again sit the roll neatly behind the lintel.
Seceuroglide, Hormann Rollmatic, Samson SupaRolla and the Gliderol Roll a Glide are examples of this type of roller door.
The 'Compact' smaller roll version available with some of these doors should be a last resort when every millimetre of headroom is required as the curtain is not as strong as the standard door.

Important point!!
If you require a full and clear drive through height for your garage opening then be aware that ALL roller type doors also have about 50mm of the bottom of the door curtain hanging down from the stop height and this needs to be taken into account if height is critical. As an example if you order a roller door with a guide height of 2200mm you will actually get around 2150mm of clear height when the door is open due to this last bit of bottom slat hanging down. Order your door with this 50mm hang down taken into the equation as long as you have the internal headroom to take it.

What if you don't have sufficient headroom inside the garage?
This doesn't cause a problem for installation and all you have to do is to be aware that a fascia may be needed if the curtain roll is hanging down in the opening enough to see the start of the curve of the roll. If you have no headroom at all and then you will definitely need either a fascia or a full hood cover.
All you actually need to concern yourself with when you dont have the stated headroom measurements is what drive through height you will actually end up with as quite often if you are replacing an up and over door it may well be more anyway even without the required full headroom.
Don't think just because you do not have 300mm you cannot have a roller door - You Can!! 

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