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Q:What is the best way to get a price and order a door?

5 Easy Steps to Get a Price and Your New Garage Door from The Garage Door Centre...

We can help you with your new or replacement garage door in any way that suits you. We are not a direct sales company trying to get the most money out of you to pay the salesman huge commissions, we are not an e commerce internet site that simply present the garage doors in their basic form and we are not a one man band trying to sell you the garage door that is cheapest to buy at any given point in time. We want you to get the RIGHT DOOR for you at the RIGHT PRICE, it really is that simple.

We have sales staff who have surveyed, installed and sold garage doors for over 25 years in many cases and they do generally know what they are talking about.

This is our preferred method of making a sale of a garage door to you, the customer....

Step 1 – Call and speak to one of our Expert Sales Team

We have online internet forms you can send to us, but with the vast range of garage doors we offer it is far easier to establish what might be the best garage door for you with a simple conversation on the telephone. Take some basic dimensions if you can before you call and we can tell you what would be best for your requirements and begin to narrow down the best options.

Step 2 – Decide on the Best Garage Door Options

With the most basic of garage  measurements and what you expect from your new door we can establish the best type and make of door for your garage. With the vast options in standard and purpose made sizes, different frame sizes and various levels of quality and security we can make sure you are thinking and looking at the best door for your individual needs.

Step 3 – We Price the Options for You

We are fully aware you can see prices for many different garage doors on the internet but how do you really know if the door is right for you?  Is it the right size, the right frame fittings, the right operating gear and so on. We can guide you through all those decisions that need to be made and then provide you with the most competitive price possible.
We are not a direct sell company trying a massively overinflated price and then negotiating down, we are not a one man set up trying to sell you whatever can be obtained at the lowest price, we just want you, the customer to have the best door for your needs so you tell others hopefully.
Trading since 1986 we have a lot of knowledge and can certainly negotiate the best deal on the best door for you rather than just ‘one that might do’

Step  4 – Arrange a Survey or Delivery

If you are happy with the prices we calculate and have offered to you and need some expert measuring rather than relying on some basic measurements then let us survey your garage.
If we are installing the door and need to survey as it is a replacement then we arrange this and make sure the measurements and specifications are correct. Most roller and sectional garage doors for example these days are made to order to the millimetre so there should be no excuse for making a standard door fit with infills and the like. Get the garage door to fit perfectly, it really will not  cost much more at all than a standard door size.

Step 5 – Get your New door Delivered or Installed

Delivery or Installation is arranged to hopefully suit you and as fast as possible although many of the doors being made to measure can take a few weeks and more if they are manufactured in Germany.
With professional installation all the warranties are unquestionable and you should have a door working perfectly for many, many years to come and hopefully with loads of new unique features you were never aware of with garage doors because other companies could not tell you about these facts and features.

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