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Q:What is the Overlap Trackless Sectional Door?

This is a unique type of garage door with no internal tracking, but behaving like a sectional door from the outside.

The Overlap is a vertically opening garage door with no swing out in its operation meaning it has the unique qualities of a roller or sectional garage door.

UPDATE - 2024  The overlap garage door has little or no chance of complying with the UK safety laws surrounding the machinery directive, so The Garage Door Centre no longer offers this garage door type and has not done so since 2018. This is following an update in the regulations and also changes in the door itself and the manufacturers.

It has no internal tracking at all and only required space for the panels to open into which are always 2 panels each half the size of the door height.The door is divided across the middle and the panels are constructed from what are basically insulated 40mm thick double skinned sectional panels with great strength and excellent insulation values.

Easy Operation - Low Maintenance

Because the door rises by the use of a counterbalance weight mechanism it also has no springs at all to adjust or worry about in the future. It simply glides up and down effortlessly at any size because it is counterbalanced at the sides.

Made To Order

The entire Overlap door range is made to order so you get the perfect fit and there are many standard colours and woodgrain finishes to choose from in various panel design options. You also have window options.


One of the most appealing features of the Overlap is the security as it uses 2 mechanical lock hooks at high level and almost impossible to access. These locks automatically engage when the door closes so no further locking is required and therefore no handle is required either

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