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Q:Why do roller garage door prices vary so much?

Quite simply with roller doors, you will get what you pay for. The majority of roller doors sold in the UK are the double skinned foam filled aluminium type and in a brochure they can all look the same but this is far from the reality.
Every day we reiterate the fact that an electric operated roller garage door has a lot of moving parts and although if you were to take half a dozen brochures the doors may well all look the same from the outside and possibly the inside too. The aluminium slats for the majority of the best aluminium roller garage doors come from Northern Europe, Germany, Holland, etc and are used by quite a few UK assemblers.  However the real differences that make one of these doors a good, reliable roller door are in the components you generally cannot see!!  This means the barrel the curtain rolls around, the tube motor inserted and out of view, the connecting parts between the barrel and the curtain, the endplates, the electronics that control the limits and the safety devices and the transmitters and control accessories. If any one or a number of these are not of a descent high quality then the door is only as good as the weakest and cheapest component.
Unlike most others garage doors unfortunately, with a roller door if you have a part failure it can be an expensive repair and worse still can damage a good deal of the rest of the door when operated.

We really cannot stress enough the large differences between aluminium insulated roller garage doors that appear to be the same but are not if you drill down into the components and the quality and length of time any manufacturer has been producing their particular door. As it is a garage door that can be fitted into almost any garage it is also the most copied and heavily marketed door type in the UK as so many 'fly by night' companies can make a quick buck selling quite a few quite easily.
The real unfortunate fact also remains that so many of these so called 'bargain' or 'price busting' roller garage doors sold in so many different places are in fact completely non compliant with UK and European legislation regarding the minimum specifications for safety control. The majority of cheap aluminium roller garage doors openly use and promote either single or multiple infra red beams and these are not compliant with regulations, let alone other aspects such as safety braking, anti entrapment and other requirements. Would you really want a 4-5 metre wide plus electric roller door on your house not knowing it was properly safe and compliant?

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