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New GRP Doors from Garador

New GRP garage doors from Garador

Fresh for Spring 2019 and new to our extensive range are Garador’s recently released GRP garage doors!

Along with nine new desirable up and over designs, these doors also come with a selection of 19 colour finishes, with some available with a matching chassis colour too. As you can see from the images below, Garador have successfully replicated the authentic appearance of timber for their GRP garage doors, yet without the necessity of maintenance that would be required with a true timber door.

These new additions see the arrival of more modern, sleek designs such as the Glastonbury and Somerset; these models show off the exquisite visuals of timber through their minimal, and very much on-trend designs. Plus, the new range includes original models with additional features, such as the Kenmore with leaded windows.

Garador’s GRP garage doors are manufactured in a rigid box section chassis, offering solid construction and durability for many years.

Arden - Garador GRP up and over


Derwent - Garador GRP up and over door


Glastonbury - Garador GRP up and over door


Kenmore - Garador GRP up and over door


Kenmore with Windows - Garador GRP up and over door

Kenmore with windows

Penhurst - Garador GRP up and over door


Somerset - Garador GRP up and over door


Stamford - Garador GRP up and over door


Wiltshire - Garador GRP up and over


More information on GRP

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, and is a favorable material for various consumers for front and garage doors due to its low maintenance levels and availability. Due to the realistic appearance of GRP doors with woodgrain finishes, GRP garage doors are particularly popular for many UK homes and garages.

More about Garador

The Garage Door Centre has worked with Garador for over three decades, and are one of our trusted suppliers as we have supplied and installed a huge number of their products over the years. With their UK manufacturing process and over 70 years of experience, you can be rest assured that their products will offer an excellent service for your home and garage.

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