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New Silvelox Styles

silvelox garage door styles
Silvelox also unveiled a new style for their range of OverLap doors


Tuesday 30th May 2017 at 12:29pm | 

Silvelox Overlap Plus becomes the SecurLap

Silvelox Securlap

Silvelox have respecified and renamed their Overlap Plus doors to SecurLap, to mark their recent UL Certification. 


Tuesday 30th May 2017 at 12:10pm | 

Delta Overlap Display Door Now in Showroom

The fantastic new Delta Overlap door, The 'trackless sectional' is now on display and working in our showroom We have been selling the Overlap door f...


Monday 31st August 2015 at 08:22am | 

New trackless sectional door now available in steel

The Domina Overlap trackless sectional door previously sold in timber is now available in insulated double skinned steel panels. The Overlap is a u...


Tuesday 25th March 2014 at 04:27pm | 

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