New and Improved Hormann Rollmatic!!

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New and Improved Hormann Rollmatic!!

In the past few months, Hormann have improved the Rollmatic roller garage door. The new RollMatic generation contains optimised and in part, completely revised components that facilitate fitting and improve the door travel even further. Changes at a glance: Cladding

  • Easier access to the rolling shutter curtain for maintenance due to new hinge connector

  • Better sealing of the cladding for external roller garage doors.

  • Suspension points are no longer visible on the exterior of the cladding

Guide Rails

  • Width is now 110mm instead of 100mm

  • The fitting compensation set and brush seal on the fascia panel are omitted

  • The spacing provided by the set is now integrated into the guide rail

  • Two more brush seals per guide rail, resulting in the driving rain tightness class 2

To view more information on the Hormann RollMatic  click here.

Wednesday 17th February 2016 at 03:01pm | 

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