NEW Hormann Timber Brushed Surface Finish

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NEW Hormann Timber Brushed Surface Finish

Hormann’s LTH 42 timber sectional and side hinged garage door ranges are now featuring a new brushed surface finish at no extra cost. This new style of surface allows you to feel what you can see – adding real texture, warmth and authenticity to your timber door.

How is it Made & What’s Available?

When the surface is brushed, the soft timber parts are removed, leaving only the harder timber fibres remaining. The final aesthetic consists of many natural grooves, creating the classic effect of natural timber, not only to view, but upon touch.

The new surface finish is available for two timber species, Hemlock and Nordic Pine. Both make for beautifully authentic door materials, and are available in all LTH door models, excluding the V-panel.

Hemlock - New Hormann Timber Sectional Brushed Finish


Nordic Pine - New Hormann Timber Sectional Brushed Finish

Nordic Pine

Hormann Timber Sectionals

Hormann’s range of timber sectional garage doors are a fantastic option if you require the aesthetic of a beautifully traditional garage door, but with the addition of brand quality and contemporary features. Whilst the side hinged doors offer a classic design and opening, the sectional provides an authentic appearance, yet with the modern operating mechanism that is offered with the sectional.

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