Our Online Type and Price Guide System Goes Live

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Our Online Type and Price Guide System Goes Live

Our new interactive guide to door prices and types goes live today to help people understand potential prices on different door types.

The Garage Door Centre have always been totally open in our pricing policy, we do not hike up prices to then expect a customer to knock us down in a haggling competition and nor do we underprice to then deliver a product which was not quite as expected by the customer either. We try to be clear up front in what to expect and hope you also trust us to recommend when asked the best product for your requirements. We have after all been doing this consistently for over 27 years now as a family business. The internet is a blessing and a curse for us in that it has given us a tool to be able to show lots of information and lots of different prices but the downside of course is most people do not know what they want in a new garage door and this is quite understandable as you rarely buy one in your lifetime unlike other household products.

Our new 'Type and Price Guide'  is an attempt to try to be more interactive and customer friendly with filters for narrowing down your research on different door types and sizes.

It will develop over the next few months to have as many different variations in the garage doors we sell on a weekly basis and although we expect many people to see some prices and think they can get it far cheaper elsewhere what we hope to do is to give a better understanding of the massive variations you can get between what at first appears to be the same product and installation.

As we say very often, we will never be the cheapest but also won't be the most expensive either, but we will try to make sure you get the product and final result you expect.

Take a quick look now at our Type and Price Guide >

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