Seamless Painted Wood Effect Finishes for Carteck Sectionals

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Seamless Painted Wood Effect Finishes for Carteck Sectionals

There are various wood effect finishes now available in the industry for various garage door types across many manufacturers. However, proudly stating they offer the best in the industry are Carteck; their sectional doors can be finished with a painted wood effect finish, rather than a laminate film wood effect finish. They made the transition from laminate to painted some time ago, and have been noticing the differences ever since.

Carteck have shared some images of their high quality, sectional doors that have been installed with a painted wood effect finish, also showcasing the perfect match that can be achieved between the door and its frame.

As you can see below, the quality of the finish and the harmonisation between frame and door enhances the authentic and sleek appearance of timber. The doors photographed have been finished in Golden Oak.

Carteck Sectionals with Golden Oak Wood Effect Finish

Not only does this type of finish look great, it provides better service in regards to UV stability over time. A painted wood effect finish is able to maintain its colour for longer than laminate wood finishes, and is less likely to be badly affected and become ‘milky’ in bright sunlight. These finishes also offer better performance in regards to scratch resistance.

Finally of course, one of the greatest benefits available is the option for a matching frame for the door, a vital attribute for anyone keen to own a sleek, co-ordinated garage door. You are able to match the frame legs and header with a painted wood effect finish, whereas wood laminate film finishes create stress at each bend, so this design option is not available. For a seamless edge-to-edge finish, Carteck’s wood effect finishes are a great option to consider.

The authentic appearance of warm, natural timber, coupled with the contemporary benefits of a Carteck steel sectional makes for a perfect garage door for various types of property.

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