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AGD Systems
Door Type:
Electric Entrance Gates

The Bloomsbury gate is manufactured with a sweeping concave top rail and convex middle rail. You can have timber or steel vertical bars incorporated in each gate leaf. There are a lot of options in the style, shape and curve direction for the timber bars under the top profile. 

Again, this is a style of entrance gate ideal for windier and exposed locations, letting the wind through the gates with less likelihood of damage.Ideal for taller height openings with the downward slope to the centre. We can make these gates as a single gate or for use with electric sliding mechanisms.

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The AGD Bloomsbury gate is manufactured with a sweeping concave top rail and convex middle rail with either steel or timber bar inserts and a lot of variety in the timber bar features within each leaf.

The AGD Bloomsbury Timber Gate is designed primarily for use as a pair of swing gates, either to be manually operated or automated. These gates are constructed with through mortice and tenon joints wedged and glued for extra strength. The hinges are manufactured to suit the radius of the top rail.

This is a gate design which is perfect to show how the bottom rail or any other rails used on the design could be the main fixing point for the electric motor drive and needing a lot of strength, especially on a double width entrance driveway.
When the electric motors are situated underground the appropriate heel is designed and fitted to ensure the best direct connection with the underground motor drive spindle. We design electric entrance gates as a complete package for you to ensure the very best final overall mechanics working together in harmony.
A properly designed, manufactured and installed electric gate system will last for so many years with correct maintenance and care. Indeed we have some systems still working from well over 30 years ago!!

This design of open bar gate is perfect for exposed entrances which may experience extra high winds during the year. Open bar designs let the wind rip through and therefore don't damage the gate leaves or make it very difficukt for the gates to close due to massive pressure from the wind tricking the gate to thinking it has hit an obstacle of course and stopping. You can also see outwards whe nthe gates are directly in front of your home, which you may prefer.

All our hand made and bespoke timber entrance gates are available in a wide range of factory finished colours and finishes. Apart from the construction of the gate itself the treatment and finishing is so important to be correct and preferably carried out in a controlled environment before installation on site.


We do not recommend you have any timber gates or garage doors untreated but it is a resonable common request when other external timber has been left untreated on a property already and the gates are to match.

Untreated timber will weather quickly to a natural silver-grey colour giving that aged, traditional look. Often the choice when there are other timber features on the property that have aged, allowing the garage doors to blend seamlessly. Oak will still maintain it’s very distinctive and characterful grain, whereas timbers such as Iroko and Cedar will fade to a smooth silver-grey..


Staining is an excellent way to both preserve and change the colour of external timber. 

Being much more durable than oil, it will last 3 to 6 years before a re-coat is required, dependent on location and exposure levels. For a perfect finish, Sadolin’s Woodstain range is utilised, designed to weather naturally, fading slowly into the silver-grey of the timber. This is unlike other brands of woodstain that can go bubbly and flake off, leaving the gates looking patchy and unattractive. When showing signs of weathering, the doors can be left to weather, or if you wish to keep them the same colour, they will need sanding back and re-staining. 


Our timber gates can be treated with Marine Grade Deks oil. The oil is designed to penetrate into the timber and prevent it from rotting and help slow down the rate of weathering – it is not a UV oil so whilst it won't prevent weathering, it will slow down the process by keeping the timber moist.

The benefit of this oil over any other finish is that although it needs to be kept up more frequently than other finishes, it is unlikely to blister over time and is very quick and easy to reapply with little preparation work. The frequency of re- application is down to the client’s estimation of how dry the timber is. If the timber starts to dry out, this is when the gates will start to weather quickest and can be reduced by applying the oil again to moisturise the timber. 

Our team expertly specify for timber gates and posts to be complete with quality, full finishes at specialist timber paint shops in the UK. Painted driveway gates are often matched to other colours on a property such as windows and doors, and colours can be done in any standard RAL number. We can also match to other paint brands such as Farrow and Ball, etc.. upon request. All of the components for the gates are painted before the gates are assembled, and a topcoat is applied once they have been fully assembled. This means that you will not get patches of unpainted wood appearing if the timber moves during the natural weathering process. 

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