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Carteck GSA Vision Sectional


Door Type:
Sectional Doors

Sectional door with glazed panels from Carteck.

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A door of ultimate elegance and contemporary style, the GSA sectional from Carteck consists of glazed panels, customisable dependant on taste and application design. Bespoke for every property, the GSA can be manufactured in a choice of glazing styles and panel colours.

Key Features:

- Glazed sectional with mullions to offer modern design aesthetics

- Watertightness: Class 2

- Air Permability: Class 2

- Thermal Transmittance: 3.3 W/m2K

- Operating Forces (hand operated): 150N

- Fully certified and CE marked

- Electrically operated with the push of a button

- Glazed options, such as frosted or clear, to suit

- Manufacturer's guarantee

- Framing available in choice of RAL colours


The Carteck GSA operates using the same mechanism and concealed lifting springs as the standard Carteck sectional doors for reliable and smooth usage. 

Each door is constructed with scratch-resistant, double-glazed panels, and 40mm hollow aluminium profiles.

The mullions exclusive to the GSA model appear differently depending on the door size, with more being on larger doors.


2 Years Manufacturer's Guarantee - polymer and aluminium window units

5 Years Manufacturer's Guarantee - rollers, hinges, cable pulleys, cables and standard springs

10 Years Manufacturer's Guarantee - on panels against rust penetration from inside to outside, against door panel seperation from steel from foam, material and manufacturing flaws of non-moving parts of the frame that are verifiably unusable or where usability is substantially compromised, floor seal, intermediate seals, side seals and lintel seal against rotting

The guarantees do not apply for applications located in extreme conditions, i.e: a coastal climate

Slate Grey

Moss Green

Window Grey

Anthracite Grey

White Aluminium

Light Grey

Grey Aluminium

Jet Black


Steel Blue

Flame Red

Sepia Brown


Quartz Grey

Umbra Grey

Fir Green

Door Designs & Mullions

Carteck GSA glazed sectional garage door

Glazing with mullion (GSA)

Carteck SLX glazed sectional garage door

Full width glazing with no mullions (SLX)

GSA Mullions

The mullions of the GSA designs are dependant on door size.

GSA Glazed Sectional Door - Two Windows

Two windows 

Doors up to 2235mm wide

GSA Glazed Sectional Door - Three Windows

Three Windows

Doors up to 2438mm wide

GSA Glazed Sectional Door - Four Windows

Four Windows

Doors up to 3353mm wide

GSA Glazed Sectional Door - Five Windows

Five Windows

Doors up to 4420mm wide

GSA Glazed Sectional Door - Six Windows

Six Windows

Doors up to 5500mm wide


The number of sections there are is dependant on the dimensions of your door.

The below represent the appearance of the doors with differing sections.

GSA Glazed Sectional Door - 4 Sections

GSA Glazed Sectional Door - 5 Sections GSA Glazed Sectional Door - 6 Sections
4 Sections - Doors up to 2280mm high 5 Sections - Doors up to 2835mm high 6 Sections - Doors up to 3000mm high

Vision Options

Windows are constructed with double-paned, stratch-resistant polymer.

Each design is available dependant on your requirements in terms of visibility and shading from outside light.

Carteck GSA Vision Sectional - Clear


Carteck GSA Vision Sectional - Satin


Carteck GSA Vision Sectional - Frosted


Carteck GSA Vision Sectional - Green Tint

Green Tint

Approx. 70% transmission

Carteck GSA Vision Sectional - Brown Tint

Brown Tint

Approx 50% transmission

Carteck GSA Vision Sectional - Grey Tint

Grey Tint

Approx. 43% transmission

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