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Dove Gates
Door Type:
Electric Entrance Gates

The Chadstone gate is an aluminium gate designed to ensure both privacy and chic. It has a  meticulous design and impeccable finish make it an elegant and refined entrance gate, which fits perfectly into any type of home. High quality aluminium profiles and components are expertly manufactured in the UK for the best finished product.

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Looking for a gate style for your driveway entrance that combines privacy and style? Look no further than the Aluminium Chadstone gate. With its expertly crafted design and flawless finish, this gate design is the perfect addition to any home. The blades of the Chadstone gate are carefully spaced to allow air to pass through, while keeping your home protected. Want to add a touch of elegance to your property? The Aluminium Chadstone gate is the way to go.

Precision made aluminium gates manufactured in the UK and using the most advanced pretreatment for the aluminium profiles followed bu the very highest quality painting processes to ensure high quality and very string gates which have guarantees up to 15 years. All our aluminium gates are either welded or bonded but never just screwed and bolted together like most budget aluminium gates will be. All hinges and hardware are carefully selected to match the size and weight of the gate and design too. We can offer gate posts in aluminium or steel and always recommend the gates and posts are perfectly matched for the best final results. The same goes for the actual electric motor drive units used. They should be the correct power and size for the size and weight of the gate, along with some relevance to the number of potential operations per day/week to ensure the right motor rating.

The Chadstone gate is an aluminium gate designed to ensure both privacy and chic. Its meticulous design and impeccable finish make it an elegant and refined gate, which fits perfectly into any type of home. The blades of the Aluminium Chadstone gate are spaced out to let the wind pass through and maintain an opening to the outside while protecting your home. Letting air flow through is important in very exposed locations to reduce the stress on the gates when closed in high winds.

The top open planks are available in vertical configuration in 38mm, 65mm or 100mm. Lower planks can be 100mm or 150mm vertical, horizontal, or diagonal layout.

The open top section can be set at any height. The standard crossrail heights are 1/3rd up, central, and 1/3rd down. All models are available with or without a horizontal crossrail.

For swing gates this is advantageous if there is existing RAM automation on site, the crossrail can be placed anywhere in the gate to line up with the existing automation meaning no alterations to the fixing brackets are required.

AGD Systems are part of the DoveGroup and work with The Garage Door Centre in all aspects of entrance gates and security gates and have done so since 1986. We are in the same building and owned and operated by the same directors. We rely on the AGD expertise from so many years of experience and know the quality of gates and work is second to none.

Any of the installations carried out are fully compliant with the very latest requirements for the safe operation of remote control gates, classifies and operated under the supply of machinery regulations 2008 in the UK. ANY remote control operated gate is consdiered a machine by law and should always have sufficient safety devices incorporated to ensure there can be no entrapment or crushing when opening or closing. Many larger gates have very powerful electric or hydraulic motors operating the gate leaves and these can cause considerable damage if they are not set up correctly or fitted with safety sensors.

Nearly all the entrance gates we supply are available as either a single one piece electric sliding gate or a single or double swing gate with the option of a matching pedestrian side gate to match. 

The choice for swing or sliding is often decided for you because of the shape and limitations with your entrance. Swing gates obviously require space to swing open and in a restricted driveway this can be a problem. A sliding gate is more often a preferable solution when you have the space for the gate to slide into because it only uses one electric motor drive for a start. The other great benefit is a sliding gate will provide more security as the gate slides and closes into a secure steel profile section and provides great lateral resitance to any forced attempt at entry.

A choice of 18 standard colours with almost any BS or RAL colour option available on request. A wide range of very durable and convincing woodgrain effects are also possible with our aluminium gates to repliacte the warmth and eauty of timber but without any of the maintenance.

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