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Hormann Decotherm SB Roller Door


Door Type:
Roller Garage Doors
Prices from:
£ 4100 inc. install

The Decotherm SB, initially manufactured for industrial applications, is ideal for those requiring a secure, robust roller garage door.

Using a unique 100mm insulated double skinned slat, it is one of very few roller doors possessing a stated U-value for insulation, tested and certified..

Made to measure, super strong, super smooth and very secure, this is a roller door for the discerning customer and ideal for larger garages.

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  • colour finishes

Although the SB roller door was originally manufactured for industrial and commercial purposes due to its robust and security-conscious design, it has proved to be ideal for various requirements for domestic applications also.

The SB can be either manually or electrically operated dependant on preference.

SB Roller Operation

Manual SB Features:

- Tension spring assembly for simple operation

- Can be fitted with chain hoist for convenient opening and closing

- Only 165mm sideroom required

- Easy fitting

Electrically Operated SB Roller Shutter:

- Various suitable operators available

- Soft start and stop for smooth operation and travel

- The SB can be operated as a manual door at any time

- Easy fitting

- Optional hood cover available

Standard Colours:

Grey White RAL 9002 - Hormann SB Roller Shutter Garage Doors

Grey White RAL 9002

White Aluminium RAL 9006 - Hormann SB Roller Shutter Garage Door

White Aluminium RAL 9006

Preferred Colours:

Grey Aluminium - Hormann SB Roller Shutter Garage Door

Grey Aluminium RAL 9007

Terra Brown RAL 8028 - Hormann SB Roller Shutter Garage Door

Terra Brown RAL 8028

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 - Hormann SB Roller Shutter Garage Door

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016

Moss Green RAL 6005 - Hormann SB Roller Shutter Garage Door

Moss Green RAL 6005

Gentian Blue RAL 5010 - Hormann SB Roller Shutter Garage Door

Gentian Blue RAL 5010

Flame Red RAL 3000 - Hormann SB Roller Shutter Garage Door

Flame Red RAL 3000

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