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Hormann N80-N500 Style 972


Door Type:
Up and Over Doors

Style 972 is a grand, panelled design with lots of character, manufactured in steel by Hormann.

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The Hormann N80 & N500 range offers a new series of exciting designs and sizes to meet all commercial and domestic garage door needs.

The Hormann Style 972 consists of a parallel design consisting of equal squared panel indents in 4 columns across the door face. 

All the Hormann N80 and N500 garage doors are manufactured in Germany so you can never have one straight from stock but if you require a garage door made with just that little bit more attention to detail and you don't mind waiting then this range is well worth a look at.


The Hormann N80 & N500 range of garage doors can reach an extended size range of upto 5000mm wide x 2750mm high.

Additional Extras

The N80 and DF98 range of garage doors has more special options than any other range available and these include:

- Any RAL colour paint finish as well as anthracite CH703 option

- Range of standard RAL colours to choose from - 15 in total

- Silk-matt surface colour finish for timber doors. 3 layer paint coat in 6 standard colours

- Retrofit fascia panels for covering damaged brickwork edges in colours to match the door panel and frame

- Ventilation grilles for style 914 only

- Retrofit insulation boards (N80 only) for on site installation giving excellent insulation to the door panel

- Hormatherm insulation polystyrene boards with plaster surface-  factory fitted for certain styles only

- DammTec sound absorbing coating for steel doors reducing the noise of the door panel in operation to a minimum

- Bottom rubber seal (N80 only)

- Wicket door insets for certain designs offering pedestrian access without opening the whole door


This door comes with a plastic black nylon handle however the following handles are available at a surcharge

Click the handle name to view the image

Cast Aluminium White Finish (similar to RAL 9016)
Cast Aluminium New Silver Finish
Cast Aluminium Brass Finish
Polished Stainless Steel
Brushed Stainless Steel

Electric Operators

This model is available remote control operated and Hormann offer 2 fantastic operating systems; the inexpensive ProMatic with a maximum of 10 cycles per day, and the high-quality SupraMatic with a maximum of 50 cycles per day. More information on Hormann Operators is available here.


Hand Transmitter


Hand Transmitter


Hand Transmitter
Hormann HSP 4 Hand Transmitter keyring four button

Hand Transmitter


Micro Hand Transmitter

To view the whole range of Hormann remote control accessories, view the Hormann Remote Control Operators page. 


White is available as standard with this model however the following RAL colours are available on request with any RAL colour available at an extra price per square metre.

Window Grey 7040 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 7040
Window Grey

Stone Grey RAL 7030 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 7030
Stone Grey

RAL 7035 Light Grey - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 7035
Light Grey

RAL 1015 Light Ivory - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 1015
Light Ivory

Pigeon Blue RAL 5014 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 5014
Pigeon Blue

Sapphire Blue RAL 5003 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 5003
Sapphire Blue

RAL 5011 Steel Blue - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 5011
Steel Blue

White Aluminium RAL 9006 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 9006
White Aluminium

Clay Brown RAL 8003 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 8003
Clay Brown

Ochre Brown 8001 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 8001
Ochre Brown

Terra Brown RAL 8028 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 8028
Terra Brown

Ruby Red RAL 3003 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 3003
Ruby Red

Fir Green RAL 6009 - Hormann N80 Up & Over Door
RAL 6009
Fir Green

Moss Green RAL 6005 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 6005
Moss Green

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 - Hormann N80 Up and Over Doors
RAL 7016




RAL 9016

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