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Hormann Thermo65 750 Entrance Door


Door Type:
Entrance Doors
Prices from:
£ 2394

Hormann's 750 design is a prominant component within the thermo65 range, offering excellent style as well as security and insulation.

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The Hormann Thermo65 Entrance Doors have a 65mm thick steel door leaf mounted on an aluminium frame. The frame adds to the insulation value as it offers a better thermal break. The thicker the door is filled with rigid CFC free PU foam the better the strength and insulation.
For extra insulation the entrance doors have triple seals on the threshold strip and another thermal break which gives the door a thermal value as low as 1.0W/m2K.

The Hormann Style 750 comes complete with a stainless steel handle (style HB 38-2) mounted on the steel infill. A smaller length handle can be specified if required.

These entrance doors are highly secure thanks to multi-point locking. Conical swing bolts, security bolts and a lock bolt pull the door tightly shut. Three further security bolts on the hinge side, in conjunction with the three standard hinges, make it practically impossible to force the door open.

A short video below explains the benefits & features of the Thermopro steel entrance doors.

More recently the Decograin laminate foil coated range has taken the UK by storm - 3 beautiful woodgrain laminate finishes with unique embossed graining offering either Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Night Oak or Titan Metallic as a fully finished surface with a 10 year guarantee - a perfect match to many Upvc windows and external timber features.

Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Dark Oak

Dark Oak

Night Oak

Night Oak

Titan Metallic

Titan Metallic


Thermo65 Steel Entrance Door Colours

Thermo65 entrance doors are supplied in a smooth white powdercoat finish (RAL 9016) as standard from the factory with the option of 10 other standard powdercoat colours available at an additional extra cost. Delivery from the factory in Germany will always be around 6-7 weeks from order.

The doors also have the option of the Decograin laminate woodgrain finish in Golden Oak, Dark Oak, Night Oak and Titan Metallic. These surface finishes are super tough and offer a match with the LPU40 range of sectional garage doors also available from Hormann.

White Aluminium RAL 9006 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

White Aluminium

RAL 9006

Terra Brown RAL 8028 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

Terra Brown

RAL 8028

Clay Brown RAL 8003 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

Clay Brown

RAL 8003

Light Grey RAL 7035 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

Light Grey

RAL 7035

Window Grey RAL 7040 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

Window Grey

RAL 7040

Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016

Light Ivory RAL 1015 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

Light Ivory

RAL 1015

Moss Green RAL 6005 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

Moss Green

RAL 6005

Ruby Red RAL 3003 - Hormann Thermo 65 Front Entrance Doors

Ruby Red

RAL 3003


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