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Ryterna Rib


Door Type:
Side Hinged Doors

Ryterna's standard Rib design features small horizontal ribs, suiting applications of various appearances. 

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The Ryterna Rib style garage door has horizontal ribs 10cm in width.

The standard design is with horizontal ribs. Vertical ribs and a chevron panel layout is available at an extra cost.

All side hinged garage doors are factory framed.

Ryterna side hinged doors combine traditional appearance with modern design.

The side hinged door leaves are constructed using double skin steel sections filled with Freon-free PU foam. As a result providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for your home.

The benefits of the Ryterna side hinged doors:

> Insulated
> Made to order
> Safe and secure
> Custom split
> Low maintenance
> Many options and accessories

Handle Options

Standard lever handle sets are available in white, black or aluminium at no extra charge. Any RAL colour as an optional extra.

White Handle

White Handle

Black Handle

Black Handle

Aluminium Handle

Aluminium Handle

Door Stays 

Side hinged garage doors are fitted with a pair of original door stays with adjustable opening angle. Therefore you can adjust door opening angle between 90° and 140° which is important in narrow or cornering driveways. Door stays keep leaves in open position and prevent doors from colliding with the walls or car. For taller doors, stay rods help to dis-engage the door stay and make closing the doors easy for all.


In addition Ryterna offer 3 threshold options for side hinged garage doors.

‘Sloping’ threshold – standard and universal option. if you use garage for a car – this option is for you. Brushed stainless steel covers are also optional and help to protect paint and to give more luxury to your garage door.

‘L’ shaped – a rebated threshold similar to the side frames. Good choice if you use your garage space as a utility room, workshop, etc.

‘Flat’ – this 80 mm wide x 5 mm thick flat steel. Flat threshold is mainly used where drive-through must be even. Especially where disabled access is required, Caution – the potential for water ingress is likely.

For slightly upward sloping driveways we can manufacture raised thresholds. Due to raised threshold you can eliminate the leaf clashing with the driveway or water coming in to garage. 


Ryterna Woodgrain Finishes

Ryterna - Dark Oak

Dark Oak

Ryterna - Golden Oak

Golden Oak

Ryterna - Light Oak

Light Oak

Ryterna - Mahogany


Ryterna - Okoume Natural

Okoume - Natural

Ryterna - Old Oak

Old Oak

Standard Colour Options

RAL 9004 Signal Black

Jet Black

RAL 9005

RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

RAL 7016

RAL 9006 Traffic White

White Aluminium

RAL 9006

Traffic White RAL 9016

Traffic White

RAL 9016

 Other RAL colours and RAL pearl colours are available upon request. 

Ryterna Patterns

Ryterna - Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Ryterna - Anthracite


Ryterna - Copper


Ryterna - 3D Grey

3D Grey

Ryterna 3D - White

3D White

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