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Luxury Timber Up and Over Door

Luxury Timber Up and Over Door

Luxury Timber Up and Over Door





Electric Operation:

Not Available


Luxury Timber Up & Over Door - Double Width

Prices Range:

£5,000 - £15,000

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Luxury Timber Doors

Luxury Timber Doors

 A luxury timber garage door is constructed with the very best wood species, the very best sub frame and the very best factory finishing. It will also be equipped with remote control automation and additional options to complete the package.

Whilst timber garage doors are mainly constructed from Cedarwood, a luxury timber door is manufactured with a hardwood, such as Idigbo. It will also feature a fully finished, high quality treatment to every single part, including the hardwood sub frame it is fitted with.

When we refer to a luxury timber up and over door, we refer to the more complex designs in Idigbo with either panelling and/or glass windows included.

This price category refers to a fully retractable operated mechanism with a high quality wood treatment finish. It includes all the correct hardware required, as well as a hardwood timber fixing frame, also finished to match the door.

The remote control electric operator will have 2 hand held radio transmitters and an internal manual release, in case of a power failure, along with various technical options for the motor itself. There is also the ability to add optional controls, timers to close the door, sensors to open when too humid, and even the option of an app for control and monitoring via your smart device.


Expect to pay between £ 8,500 and £10,500 inc. VAT.

This price includes:

- Installation
- Fully retractable operating gear
- High quality electric motor drive
- More complex panel design
- A choice of high quality, factory microporous finishes
- Details such as trimming around the door frame, weatherseals on the ground, and upgrades on the locking.

The more complex designs in several variations still include, as standard, a 2 point rod locking system (not inferior cable locking). This is connected to the electric operator to provide a ‘security de latch’ mechanism, engaging the manual locking, along with the locking provided by the electric operator.

TIP: You should always be aware of exactly what you are getting as a finished job to compare like for like.

For installation to be carried out within one day, we would expect there to be a separate pedestrian door access to the garage, power supply available nearby, and sufficient hanging points on the garage ceiling for the door tracks and the operator boom.



Colours and Finishes

For this price example we are offering the high quality Teknos factory finishes, which are highly recommended.

Many manufacturers may offer additional timber finishes including solid colour finishes and they are all usually microporous water based stains. These offer the best longevity and always allow the timber to breathe rather than blister under an older style oil based paint.


The best security option is offered in this price example, by using the motor drive to lock the door along with the manual locking system inclusion via a mechanical device to operate the internal locking rods.

Ease of Use

Being an electric door, it can be operated via the simple press of a button on a handheld transmitter.

It is also possible to link a lot of modern electric operator systems with a smart home system, such as Somfy, and then you can utilise your smart phone or tablet to control the door.

If there is a power cut then you have to enter the garage by another door and release the mechanism to operate the door manually, which will be quite effortless. If there is no other access then there is a release mechanism which is attached to the handle or drilled into the panel as a key release mechanism with cable attachment.

OUR VIEW: from 35 years of experience...

If luxury to you means a higher quality, higher specification construction, this is the correct door category to be looking at. It is also worth noting that this high level of quality requires higher end products around the door itself, such as the sub frame, electric operator, locking and finishing.

If you are a lover of timber, then a hardwood, higher end specification timber door has to be the choice, giving reassurance of the longest possible lifespan, as well as performance on a daily basis.

Easiest operation, best locking, most luxurious finish and best overall aesthetics all should be standard with a luxury electric operated timber garage door.

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