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Timber Doors in a Steel Chassis

Timber Doors in a Steel Chassis

Timber Doors in a Steel Chassis





Electric Operation:

Not Available


Timber Clad in Steel Chassis Side Hinged Garage Doors

Prices Range:

£3,500 - £4,500

Fairly unique to side hinged garage doors are these doors which are a steel box section chassis with cedarwood timber infilling in various designs including doors with windows and doors with a flat marine ply backing and cedar designs from sections added.

The principal is good with the strength and stability coming for a steel chassis with a box section steel sub fixing frame and then the timber is effectively just decorative and doesn't have to perform in a structural role. Cedarwood has been used for many years in garage doors because it is lightweight and also light colour so can be stained in a wide range of colours. It is also very stable in our diverse UK climate.

Timber has the ability to outlast most other building materials such as steel or aluminium if treated correctly in the first place and also being cared for over the years. If timber doors are damaged they can generally be repaired quite easily and the longevity is unaffected but timber is very durable indeed, so any damage tends to be superficial anyway and a paint touch up at the worst.

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Expect to pay between £3,500 and £4,500 inc. VAT for a pair of cedarwood, steel chassis built timber side hinged doors installed and including a steel fixing sub frame finished in dark brown paint finish. Locking, hinges and stays are also included.

We would highly recommend the factory finishing for all timber garage doors

EXTRAS: Window design models and additional timber cladding or trimming will always drive the price up slightly overall. There are minimal options for these side hinged doors as the package is already built for purpose. If you want bespoke designs and finishes along with hardwood timber species then look at our bespoke joinery made timber doors.

Always be aware of exactly what you are getting as a quoted finished job to compare like for like.



The basic specification provides the doors with a clear base coat stain for further finishing on site by others. Fully finished options are available from the factory and include the most popular shades like Light oak, Antique Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Chestnut and Ebony.


The security is a simply lever/lever handle with a slam latch and deadlock facility through a europrofile cylinder lock. As the locking is built into the steel chassis it is fairly robust and the door leaves engage as steel on steel edges. There is a shoot bolt internally for the top and bottom of the slave door leaf. 


It really does not get much easier than a pair of side hinged doors with the biggest enemy perhaps being strong winds but we always include door stays on heavy side hinged doors unless you need extended opening past 90 degrees.

Side hinged doors can be made automatic. For these relatively light weight doors you can use an adapted boom type electric operator which is a ceiling mounted system simply pushing and pulling the door leaves open and closed.

OUR VIEW: from 35 years of experience...

Side hinged doors are about as traditional as it gets for a door type and are perfect for so many garages where access is not required very often but when it is it is usually on foot.

We have seen a resurgence over the last 10 years for side hinged garage doors and it is mainly down to the change in use for a lot of garages.

Obviously side hinged doors are only really suitable for single width garages up to about 9 feet wide but that is most garages covered anyway.

The principal of these timber hinged doors is good but recent hikes in cedarwood prices have now made the superior hardwood timber not too far away in price. These are fine and available as standard and purpose made sizes and do cover the traditional designs quite well with the option of a 1/3rd and 2/3rd split on some designs as well.

If you want performance and security then look at the double skinned steel hinged doors as you get far more for your money for sure and there are some traditional designs compatible with the timber door designs.

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