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Q:What is a side sectional garage door?

A side sectional door is a door that opens and closes by running horizontally across the opening turning the corner and then running into the garage along the garage wall. The reference to sectional means it is a door manufactured from fairly wide panels in sections.
There are quite a few types of round the corner garage doors systems but a side sectional enable the door to be very solid, secure and very well insulated as the sections interlock and are usually made from double skinned insulated panels unless they are timber.
The Hormann HST side sectional uses the same double skinned foam filled 42mm thick sectional panels as used on their successful world wide supplied normal sectional doors that rise up and down in operation. The side sectional uses a very strong steel channel mounted onto the floor surface and a top hanging system that follows the same angles round the garage. The turning angles can be specified to suit the garage shape and make the most of all internal space available. These types of doors are very quiet, very smooth in operation, even as manual operated doors and also provide maximum use of space directly in front of and inside of the door.
These doors are generally all purpose made in sizes and can be many different colours.
The headroom requirement is absolutely minimal so they are ideal on garages with rooms above and low headroom available internally and then of course you benefit from the insulation and quietness too maximising energy efficiency when your garage is integral to the house itself.
Very little stress is placed on any of the moving parts on a side sectional door so you generally have a door for life and a superb investment.

Any drawbacks?
The only drawback some people seem to perceive is the loss of a wall inside the garage but I can tell you from experience what this does is promote the necessity to keep your garage clean and tidy at all times and if you really feel you need shelves or wall space to lean or hang things on you can always build a false wall in front of the sectional door where is moves along your inside wall. Problem solved!!  This also is super cool as your garage door disappears from sight when opening by remote control.

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