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NEW: Silvelox Door in Showroom!14th November 2017

Silvelox Garage Door in The Garage Door Centre Showroom

There’s a new edition to The Garage Door Centre showroom…

The Silvelox timber up and over garage door… its appearance full of traditional character, yet with the solutions that modern technologies provide, it absolutely epitomises the assets that Silvelox have been able to develop as a result of modern day technology and style.

Whether you’re entering your garage via foot or vehicle, this door will provide you with countless operations of ease.

The up and over is able to operate smoothly, despite baring no unsightly ceiling tracks or mechanics, all whilst housing the central pedestrian door that is barely noticeable (due to its hidden hinge system) within the entirety of the timber door. The pedestrian door offers a simple yet considerably convenient entrance to your garage, avoiding the need to open the entire garage door when entering by foot.

As well as the excellent standard security and safety features included within the build of the door, there are also a number of additional extras available to tailor to your specific requirements. Personalise the door by choosing your choice of wood, finish, lacquers and accessories, to truly make a charming entrance to your garage.  

Silvelox Up and Over Timber Garage door with pedestrian door Silvelox Timber Up and Over Garage Door with pedestrian door


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