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Silvelox Entrance Doors

Silvelox produce a complete range of garage doors and entrance doors to match. Garage and front entrance door sets are available that perfectly match from the design, wood and colour choice down to the finest detail of handles and glass options. Built to an exceptionally high specification, they represent a superb investment and will greatly enhance the overall look of your property.

Matching garage and entrance door Matching garage and entrance door

Model Specification

Silvelox Perfecta entrance doorThe ultimate security entrance door, heavily reinforced on the inside and is classified burglar-resistance Class 4, the highest level available.

As with all Silvelox doors, Perfecta can be personalised in many ways to create a special aesthetic solution and an individual expression of style. The inclusion of an internal attack-proof double electro galvanised steel body assures a high standard of security as well as a long life. Perfecta has passed all tests for burglar resistance class 4, air permeability, water resistance, noise resistance and architectural performance.

The Perfecta series is available with a motorised lock operated with an electronic key (transponder) and a backup system that ensures use even in the event of a power cut.



Silvelox Optima entrance doorOptima entrance doors also offer a high degree of protection and are classified for Burglar-resistance Class 3.

Silvelox Optima entrance doors also offer excellent security characteristics thanks to the inclusion of an internal double electro galvanised steel body.

They have passed the following tests: burglar resistance Class 3, water resistance, air permeability and noise resistance.

The visible edge of the door, where the locking mechanism is sited, is finished in steel.



Silvelox Valida locking arrangementThe Silvelox Valida offers high performance at an affordable price, and is certified for Burglar-resistance Class 2.

The Valida series provides high performance at an incredibly low price. Certified to burglar resistance Class 2, it is insulated with sound absorbent material and includes a draft excluder. Though other options are available, the handle is supplied as standard in anodised aluminium.

The visible edge of the door is finished with a brown, pre-varnished strip.





The personalisation of the Silvelox front entrance door is as varied as their garage door range and all the obvious accessories are well catered for. Letterboxes, handles, glazing, side panels, transoms and many other items are offered in many different materials and colours. If the standard range of doors is not offering the right design then turn to the bespoke design service and have a unique design created.

Silvelox has a dedicated internal Design and Feasibility office where experienced draughtsmen will design bespoke doors exactly to your own or your architect’s design. They can work from architectural drawings, photographs of a door style that you have seen or even from a descent verbal brief. Compromise is something you will never have to consider when dealing with Silvelox.

The Range

Silvelox ARA front door
ARC front entrance door
BIG silvelox entrance door
classic VIP design entrance door
EGO entrance door
silvelox for front door
GEO model front entrance door GEO silvelox TOP entrance door
model ZEN entrance door
model OLD entrance door
model SPI entrance door silvelox
TAU model front door

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