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Carteck Solid



Carteck's Solid Rib sectional door consists of a modern, minimalist design that can complement various types of property.

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The Carteck GSW 40 Solid sectional door design is a spacious ribbed design which is manufactured to complement any home, new or old. Constructed using polyester coated galvanized steel, double skinned panels, this ribbed design is available in a range of different surface textures shown below. Sometimes this door is referred to as 'unribbed' as a model. The simplicity of this sectional door enables many additonal stainless steel elements and various normal or stainless steel framed windows to be added to create unique designs. In the smooth surface finish this door looks absolutely stunning especially in contemporary colour finishes.

Carteck are a German company held in high regard by architects, fitters and general customers due to the high quality and innovation of their products. They provide a wide variety of surfaces, colours and glazing elements to help personalise your garage door and make it your own.


The Carteck sectional door uses a different spring balance mechanism to most other sectional doors and this enables the headroom requirement to be only 120mm for most of the sizes available. However unlike other 'low headroom' systems the Carteck will give you a full drive through height when fully open using any one of their superb electric operators, and this is unique!!  This makes this sectional door ideal for larger garages with bedrooms above, flat roof arrangements with little headroom or just anywhere where you want to maximise the drive through height. Carteck also offer many more intermediate standard heights at the same price than others do to maximise the seal and insulation by getting a door the same height as the underside of your lintel avoiding an infill section which is normally not insulated. 

Surface Texture

Carteck doors are available as standard in the woodgrain surface however  the Stucco, Micro-Profile and Smooth surfaces are available for the same price!

Woodgrain Surface

Stucco Surface

Micro-Profiled Surface

Smooth Surface


The Carteck Solid door is available in all standard widths from 6'10" up to 18'0" wide with a new range of 'super sizes' offering widths up to a whopping 8000mm wide (26'3")
These super size sectional doors use commercial operating gear and do require more headroom but still offer excellent value for money for any super size garage.

Safety Features

Carteck have produced a range of safety features to ensure durable functionality is ensured whilst paying keen attention to detail. With each sectional door, they supply:

  • Perfect fitting sections
    Individual sections are connected by wear resistant galvanized steel hinges which make the door leaf more secure.

  • Profiled spring channel
    The contour of the spring channel reduces friction between the channel housing and plastic sliders and ensures that the door runs even more smoothly.

  • Frame base protection against corrosion
    A special plastic part ensures that the vertical frame has no contact with the floor; the base area is thus continuously ventilated and protected against corrosion.

  • Safe, quiet running
    The robust side hinges with integrated finger protection hold the patented eccentric roller holders.

  • Patented emergency release
    Imperative for garages without a second entrance. The emergency release is operated from the outside via a master key system suitable profile cylinder or Kaba cylinder. It decouples the drive and enables the manual opening of the door (pre-equipped for GSW Carteck sectional doors as standard).

Electric Operation

This sectional garage door is available in both manual and electric operation.

A range of handheld remote controls are available when the door is electronically operated to provide an easy solution to opening your garage door.

Glazing Options

Carteck offer a variety of glazing elements as they are distinctive design features which can enhance the appearance of any garage. The Standard Ribbed sectional door is available with the following glazing options:

Type C Glazing

Cross Mullion

Rhombus Mullion

Rectangular Glazing

'Classic' Glazing

Glazed Strips


The Carteck Solid door is also available in 4 stylish wood design finishes; Golden Oak, Rosewood, Winchester & Night Oak. These are only available in a smooth texture finish.

Golden Oak Finish - Carteck Solid Ribbed Sectional
Golden Oak
Winchester Finish - Carteck Solid Ribbed Sectional
Rosewood Finish - Carteck Solid Ribbed Sectional
Night Oak Finish - Carteck Solid Ribbed Finish
Night Oak

The Carteck Solid door comes in white as standard with the option of the following trend colours at an extra cost.

RAL 3003 Ruby Red sectional door colour
RAL 3000
Flame Red
RAL 5003 Sapphire Blue garage door sectional colour
RAL 5010
Steel Blue
RAL 6005 Moss Green sectional colour
RAL 6005
Moss Green
RAL 6009 Fir tree Green Hormann sectional
RAL 6009
Fir Green
RAL 7016 Anthracite sectional door colour
RAL 7016
Anthracite Grey
RAL 7035 Light Grey Hormann sectional colour
RAL 7035
Light Grey
RAL 7040 Window Grey sectional door colour
RAL 7040
Window Grey
RAL 8028 Terra Brown
RAL 8014
Sepia Brown
RAL 1015 Light Ivory sectional garage door colour
RAL 9001
Cream White
RAL 9006 White Aluminium garage door colour
RAL 9006
White Aluminium
RAL 7030 Stone Grey sectional door colour
RAL 9007
Grey Aluminium

 Grey Metallic Finish

RAL 7039
 Quartz Grey

RAL 9005
 Jet Black

RAL 7022
 Umbra Grey


You are currently exploring the Carteck Solid in our Product Catalogue, however the below Coach House design features are demonstrated on a Centre Ribbed door.

New for 2021 Carteck sectionals are these mock coach house style features, including mock hinges and handles.

These traditionally designed features are perfect for homes that are traditional in appearance but require a modern lifestyle with good insulation security. 

Carteck sectional with mock Coach House hinges, handles and centre joint

Centre ribbed sectional with coach house mock hinges, handles and centre joint

Carteck sectional with mock Coach House hinges

Centre ribbed sectional with coach house mock hinges

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