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Seip TS100



High quality remote control operator manufactured by Seip, designed for heavier, larger garage doors.

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Th Seip TS100 is equipped with an automatic chain tensioning system. The operation is extremely quiet and the movement smooth.

The TS100 is designed for heavier double garage doors and garages with up to 25 cars. It is also recommended for canopy type garage doors.

Low Power Consumption

Save energy by using a Seip door operator. Power consumption is only 2.3 watts in stand-by mode.

Completely Maintenance Free

All models are equipped with an automatic chain tensioning system, keeping the chain tensioned continuously. The C-rail profile protects the chain from dust - no expensive maintenance calls.


The C-rails and base-plates of our operators are made of 2mm galvanized steel. With the chain drive system we also provide approved quality - chains have been offering excellent reliability for decades.

Soft-Start and Soft-Stop as standard

A feature originally introduced by Seip: by speeding up slowly and reducing the speed before every stop, noises caused by the garage door are reduced to a minimum or even eliminated.

Automatic Force Measurement

This means that the required force for operating your door is precisely measured by the operator. Should it meet with an obstruction, it will automatically reverse direction. No fuss - no problem.

Automatic Light

On each operation the internal automatic light becomes active. The 230v light can be adjusted to stay on between 80 to 240 seconds.

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