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Verano Porto


Door Type:
Patio Awnings
Prices from:
£ 1200

Verano's Porto retractable awning is ideal for offering shade from the sun, equipped with a semi-cassette.

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The Verano Porto Sun Awning is an excellent sunshade with a semi-cassette. This means that the reflectve fabric in the retracted position is partially concealed in the cassette. The round corners look elegant and inviting on this awning. 

Technical Specification 

The Verano Porto has the ideal pitch angle, you can adjust the pitch angle continuously from 5º to 30º. This means that you get optimal efficiency from your sun awning, sized exactly for your terrace. 

The sections of the Porto are made from high-quality aluminium, which makes the sun awning very sturdy, strong and maintenance friendly. The material also has a very long lifespan. 

Optional Accessories

The Porto Awning can be operated either manually or by an electric motor. If you choose electric operation, you can add a timer and a sun or wind sensor as additional accessories. Your awning will then open or close automatically whenever you wish or when the sun and/or wind is detected. 


The Semi-cassette awning has a projection of up to 3 metres and a width of up to 6 metres.

There is a whole range of fabric colour options available for the Verano Porto Awnings.

Verano offers plenty of choices: single-coloured fabrics, fabrics with popular block stripes or fabrics with original design.

Download the Verano Fabric Collection PDF Brochure.

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