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Silvelox Trackless Up & Over

Silvelox Trackless Up & Over

Coming soon... The Silvelox Trackless Up & Over Garage Door

The Silvelox D_Met is the first Up & Over garage door that is entirely trackless, meaning it is just as sleek on the inside as it is on the outside.

Its additional features make this door truly unique and the most advanced of its kind, making it a perfect solution for anyone who requires a trackless garage door.

The unique design and mechanism also allow the D_Met to be manufactured up to very large sizes that cannot be matched by alternative up & over doors.

Silvelox D_Met Trackless Up & Over Features Call our Expert Team

Operation & Construction


The D-Met is manufactured with thick sandwich, insulated panels in galvanised steel.


The smooth, faultless movement of the Silvelox D-Met is achieved via the counterweight system which allows the door to lift itself during operation. The motorisation system's appearance creates no visual hinderances, being entirely concealed within the upper-frame cross section.

Consequently, the need for any internal tracking becomes obsolete, meaning the perfection of this Silvelox door is utilised with no unsightly tracking or mechanics, ensuring a seamless and sleek appearance.

See the image below showing the uninterupted sleekness of the Silvelox D_Met.

Silvelox D_Met Trackless Up & Over Neat Interior

Insulation, Security & Safety

The construction of the Silvelox trackless up and over, manufactured with makes for a thoroughly insulating and secure garage door.

With a sandwich panel that boasts an elite thickness, the D_Met achieves outstanding insulation values of up to 0.51 W/m2K. The sheer thickness of the door leaf in-turn creates a durable, secure, its strength working to protect against potential intruders.

Pedestrian doors integrated within the main doors are equipped with a single closing point as standard, however can be fitted with up to three closing points in the interest of security. 


Pedestrian DoorSilvelox Up & Over garage door with pedestrian door

The convenience of a pedestrian door can be integrated into the main door panel, its height mirroring that of the garage door.

The pedestrian door can be fitted in the centre of the door with a handle integrated with the garage door mechanism, or it can be installed to the left or right with a pull-handle opening system.

In the interest of safety and convenience, the threshold is of a reduced height, reducing the risk of tripping and conveniencing thoe entering with bikes or large items.



There are a number of options in order for each Silvelox D_Met door to be manufactured in perfection and accordance to the existing external furniture of the premises. 

There are for panel designs available, including smooth, sleek panels and a cassette design.


Any RAL colour is available, meaning contemporary, minimilistic aesthetics can be achieved, as well as any colour to suit that of your premises.

Doors can also be finished with the luxurious appearance of timber, with additional options to the three presented below. 

Silvelox Dark Oak pre-painted

Dark Oak, Pre-Painted

Silvelox Light Oak pre-painted

Light Oak, Pre-Painted

Silvelox - Bleached Oak

Bleached Oak



The optional handle colours can be seen below, further enhancing the luxury of your Silvelox trackless door.

Bronze Silvelox handle


Silver Silvelox Handle


Gold Silvelox handle


Silvelox Grey Handle


Champage Silvelox handle



If you'd like to discover more about the Silvelox up & over trackless garage door, contact our dedicated team, whose extensive knowledge of the products and industry will certainly help you out.

You can give us a call 01933 229135, or send over your requirements via our Contact Form.

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